13 / 7 / 2018


The French car magazine L’Argus has revealed the results of the first ‘Driverview-L’Argus’ satisfaction survey, which evaluates motorists' opinions about their cars. No less than 10,000 French motorists have responded to a detailed survey about the quality (assembly, materials ...) and reliability (robustness) of their car. The survey was conducted in partnership with Experteye, a company specializing in opinion studies and competitiveness studies of the automotive sector in Europe.

On each of the two criteria, quality and reliability, the Lexus brand gets first place. In terms of quality, the percentage of satisfaction reaches 93.7%, compared to an overall average of 81.4%. The percentage of satisfaction in terms of reliability is 96.2%, while the average of all brands is 85.4%.

Lexus consistently leads customer satisfaction surveys around the world, especially JD Power US surveys (first place in 2018 for the seventh year in a row), but also in Europe with the Auto Express Driver Power survey in the United Kingdom, AutoIndex in Norway (first brand in 2018 for the seventh year in a row),