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Alice Bartkowski 06 / 04 / 2017


  • Where in the world do you go to launch a car as special as the new Lexus LC? Across four days on the main island of Hawaii, the world’s leading lifestyle media were introduced to the dazzling new coupe in an event designed to capture the essence of “Experience Amazing” (above, Tadao Mori, LC Chief Designer, with the LC 500).
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    As well as driving and learning about the LC, they were also able to enjoy many special experiences that reflected Lexus’ commitment to being an exciting luxury brand that reaches far beyond the world of prestige cars.

    From the moment the guests stepped from their aircraft they were immersed in the Lexus world. At every turn, the fine traditions of Omotenashi hospitality – so fundamental to the quality of Lexus cars – were evident.

  • Leis – garlands of fresh flowers – cool drinks and exotic fruits were all part of the welcome on arrival at the dedicated Lexus lounge at the Four Seasons hotel in Kalua Kona, the base for the event on the island’s west coast.

    With many hours of travelling behind them, guests appreciated a gentle schedule that opened day two with a chance to explore some of Hawaii’s natural splendours, including ocean trips to spot whales and dolphins.

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    The first encounter with the beautiful LC was not a formal presentation. Instead, guests were able to take a car and, provided with a professional photographer, find great locations for exclusive photo-shoots. Certainly Hawaii provided plenty of stunning backdrops, from sapphire blue surf and lush forests to dramatic volcanic lava fields.

    The evening was a celebration of Hawaiian food and music, led by the young ukulele maestro Aiden James. The outdoor feast also welcomed an astronomer who used a high-power telescope to guide guests through the clear, star-filled skies above.

  • Day three focused further on the LC with an introduction from senior members of the development team, who explained how turning the designers’ dreams into an amazing road car presented Lexus with unprecedented challenges. This was the perfect prelude to a test drive on the best of Hawaii’s scenic roads, en route to a lunch stop at OK Farms and the chance to sample fine local produce, including world-renowned coffee blends.

    The activity moved from the road to the air for scenic helicopter flights to gain another perspective on Hawaii’s natural beauty. The journey included a touch-down on a remote beach that is inaccessible by road – a real “paradise” location.

    Throughout the event, guests were invited to enjoy some cool drinks and a selection of local natural snacks in the Lexus Lounge. They could also experience the LC using Virtual Reality glasses and appreciate the outstanding quality of the Mark Levinson audio surround system that’s available in every model in the Lexus range. The Lexus Lounge also displayed a range of objects and products that capture Lexus’ unique brand qualities, including the revolutionary Lexus Hoverboard.

    In traditional Hawaiian style, an outdoor “barefoot dinner” concluded a programme that successfully showcased the new LC and the best of Lexus.

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