1. Performance


There’s more to performance than speed alone. It’s about feeling truly connected to your vehicle, the road, and your senses. At Lexus, we make it our mission to take you there.



Each F SPORT model takes inspiration from the LFA supercar, RC F and GS F, enhancing the already striking looks of the Lexus range with sportier styling. The Lexus F Philosophy is infused into every F SPORT through muscular exterior design, sports-focused cockpits and exclusively tuned handling - all to dial up the look and feel of exhilaration for you as a driver.



Passion makes us human. It also drives us to create amazing cars. Though our engineering is highly technical and fuelled by innovation, when we’re designing, building and testing a model, we put sensory experience and pleasure first. Is the vehicle moving you, in every sense? Does it ignite emotion? Figures and technical specifications matter, but ultimately what really counts for Lexus is how each vehicle feels.