1. RC F


Sharp and exhilarating, the Lexus RC F high performance coupé was inspired by our amazing RC F GT3 race cars.

On the racetrack or open road, you’ll feel the RC F’s awesome V8 performance and unique F-Line heritage. Or perhaps select the fastest Lexus available today, the motorsport-inspired RC F Track Edition. 

    The RC F Track Edition’s bespoke upgrades were developed with input from the Lexus GT3 racing teams.


    In 2018, Lexus celebrated the 10th anniversary of its ‘F’ performance brand at the iconic Goodwood Festival of Speed.


    How do you create cars with unique and exhilarating driving experiences? You conceive and refine them on the racetrack.



    Each part of the RC F is designed to within a millimetre, providing racetrack-bred styling and aerodynamic performance. Honed to perfection in the wind tunnel in Japan’s Aichi prefecture, the RC F is primed to cope with any kind of road or weather conditions. Stacked LED lights with integrated daytime running lights, a body-coloured rear diffuser and rear integrated taillights offer a clean, chiselled appearance.

    Triple canards on the front spoiler generate a vortex around the bumper and direct air out of the front wheel housings, contributing to an agile steering feel. Brake ducts on the bumper and side radiator underline the racetrack-bred styling.


    Beneath the domed bonnet lies the most potent V8 engine we’ve ever developed. Its sole purpose is to deliver awesome power. Leaving no stone unturned, to achieve a finer degree of internal engine polishing, dual arm robots were developed and taught to mimic the expert skills of a Lexus Takumi craftsperson. Further amazing engine details include throttle ‘blipping’ between gears, while the Torque Vectoring Differential ensures control at high-speed.

    Hand built and stethoscope tuned, this naturally aspirated 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine develops 464 DIN hp and 520 Nm of torque. Thrilling to drive, advanced sound engineering creates a deep tone up to 2800 rpm, and a higher-pitched roar above 6000 rpm. 


    Inspired by those on the RC F GT3 race cars and forged by BBS in Japan, this ultra-lightweight Track Edition alloy wheel has a sporty matt finish and is designed to accommodate large carbon-ceramic disc brakes.

Jewel-like, triple ‘L’ LED headlights use the same light source for high and low beam, with the RC F’s impressive aura enhanced by L-shaped full LED daytime running lights.

Using technology developed for the Lexus LFA supercar for its carbon ceramic brake rotors and callipers, the RC F Track Edition boasts a significant 25 kg reduction in unsprung weight on the front of the car alone.

It’s reassuring to know that you’re driving in one of the safest cars ever built. All RC F models can be equipped with Lexus Safety System + that combines Pre-Collision System, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert, Road Sign Assist and Automatic High Beam in one powerful package.



    The rear light cluster combines elegant LEDs arranged in Lexus signature ‘L’ form. Thick-wall moulding technology gives a strikingly bold presence.


    Featuring twin tailpipes left and right, the rear bumper and diffuser have been optimised by sharpening the corners, with air ducts and fins for improved handling.


    The foundation for the RC F’s outstanding handling is its high rigidity body. Numerous specialised manufacturing techniques further enhance its strength, including body adhesives, laser-screw welding and multi-spot welding.

Straight-line and cornering stability is guaranteed by a multi-link rear suspension setup. A combination of high-tensile steel and die-cast/forged aluminium components keeps weight low but ensures vibration-free precision. To further refine the feel of the RC F, there are now stiffer bushings for the rear suspension arms and steering rack mounts.

Weight has been reduced without compromising the coupé’s sense of refinement and solidity. The RC F includes electronic launch control as standard, allowing drivers to achieve 0-to-100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. Specially designed Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres reduce understeer, improve overall lateral grip and increase durability under extreme conditions. Aluminium brackets, hollow shafts, a pared down intake manifold and smaller air conditioning compressor all create a lighter car.



    The RC F’s driver-focused cockpit will keep you perfectly relaxed and concentrated on the road or track ahead. Behind the beautifully crafted steering wheel, the sumptuous front seats offer 8-way electric adjustments. 


    The V8 engine delivers power via an 8 Speed Sport Direct Shift (SDS) sequential transmission with manual override. When using the paddle to downshift (in just 0.2 seconds) in Manual mode, you’ll hear the distinctive throttle 'blip'.


    With vivid 3D graphics and many mapping options, the 10.3” screen is operated by Touch Pad or voice commands. The system will even generate a QR code for your smartphone, to help you reach your final destination on foot. As well as adjusting navigation, audio and climate, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® allow easy access to some of your smartphone’s apps on the central screen.

With vivid 3D graphics and many mapping options, the 10.3” screen is operated by Touch Pad or voice commands. The system will even generate a QR code for your smartphone, to help you reach your final destination on foot. As well as adjusting navigation, audio and climate, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® allow easy access to some of your smartphone’s apps on the central screen.

Engage reverse and the view behind the car is relayed to the Lexus Media Display. On-screen guides are also displayed to assist parking.

The Touch Pad with Remote Touch Interface lets front seat occupants interact intuitively with the central display. Ergonomically designed, it is as easy to use as a smartphone or tablet.

Vehicle performance can be fine-tuned using Drive Mode Select. ECO mode reduces emissions and conserves fuel while, for everyday driving, NORMAL provides an ideal balance of power, economy and ride comfort – and CUSTOM lets you adjust the RC F to suit your mood. For enhanced drivetrain responsiveness, simply switch to SPORT S or SPORT S+ mode.

Connecting to the Lexus Link app transforms your RC F into a connected car. Lexus Link gives you seamless access to connected services like:

  • Driving Analytics: Tracks your journeys, driving style and business trips
  • Find my Car: Locates your Lexus and guides you back to it
  • Accident Assistant: Depending on crash severity, informs chosen emergency contacts
  • Service and Maintenance: Helps you manage the care of your RC F
  • Share to Car: Lets you plan a route on another device and send it to you Lexus, while ‘Car to Door’ guides you on foot to your final destination once you are parked



    The driver and front passenger can heat or ventilate their leather seats. This adds to the sense of luxury, especially in extreme weather conditions.


    The RC F’s 17-speaker, 835 Watt Mark Levinson® Premium Surround system is tailored to the acoustic properties of the cabin. It delivers a peerless 7.1-channel digital home-theatre experience.


    RC F occupant safety is provided by eight airbags. The driver and front passenger are protected by 2-stage head airbags, as well as knee and side airbags. Curtain shield airbags run the full length of both cabin sides. All seatbelts are also specified with pre-tensioners.

The RC F’s beautifully crafted high-back sports seats are made using an integrated foaming technique for a an athletic fit. The deep bolstered panels provide comfort and lateral support, as well as keeping you firmly gripped through every turn.

Radar devices mounted in the rear bumper detect vehicles in adjacent lanes that are not visible in the door mirrors. If the driver is indicating to change lane and a vehicle enters the blind spot, Blind Spot Monitor instantly activates a warning signal in the relevant door mirror.

The RC F features an elliptical cross-section, thick grip steering wheel that offers greater control during performance driving. The placement, shape and operation of the wheel’s paddle shifts have also been optimised for fast, accurate gear changes.


Experience Amazing test driving the Lexus RC F. Developed at our technical centre near Fuji Speedway, the car features an extraordinarily rigid chassis and race-tuned suspension. Choose a location and length of your choice.


Our aim is to make your experience of owning a Lexus car truly amazing. As part of this we offer bespoke services that look after your needs and the needs of your car. These benefits include:


  • 3 year 60,000 mile warranty
  • 3 years Roadside Assistance
  • My Lexus & Lexus Link App


Explore the luxury, sophistication and amazing performance of the RC F.