1. Safety
  2. Lexus parking assist


Parking presents its own specific safety challenges, with many collisions occurring at low parking speeds. The Lexus Parking Support Features are designed to protect your vehicle and other road users from every angle, by alerting you to hazards the moment they manifest and improving your ability to react.

The Lexus range of parking features work together seamlessly to provide comprehensive parking support. Parking Support Alert (PKSA) clearance sonars detects obstacles around the vehicle, alerts the driver with a buzzer and intuitively indicates the position of the obstacle in the multi-information display and the centre display.

To protect you from vehicles approaching from behind, Rear Cross Traffic Alert alerts drivers with a buzzer when cars are on the move, alongside depicting the potential hazard in the centre display and in an indicator located in the corresponding outer mirror.


Parking Support Brake


Parking Support Brake (PKSB) underpins the visual and audio cues of the Parking Support Alert (PSKA) and Rear Cross Traffic Alert, by helping drivers come to a stop when a collision is imminent. Through clearance sonars, the Parking Support Brake detects obstacles around the whole of the vehicle, and applies drive force control and enhanced braking power at low speeds.

Wherever the obstacle, Parking Support Brake detects a wide area surrounding the vehicle for absolute peace of mind. If static objects such as walls are detected at the front and rear, the driver is alerted by a buzzer, the hazard is displayed and the brakes are applied using brake force control. If an obstacle is detected from the rear through the Rear Cross Traffic Alert, the Parking Support Brake will notify the driver and attempt to stop the vehicle to avoid a collision.

Our latest models also feature an advanced Parking Support Brake feature using the back camera for rear detection. When a pedestrian approaches your vehicle from behind, the system alerts the driver through audio cues and visually through the intuitive Intelligence Clearance Sonar display, so the driver can ascertain the level of danger. If the pedestrian is close enough to cause an accident, then drive force control and brake force control will be triggered automatically.

Disclaimer: Do not use the Lexus safety system instead of normal driving under any circumstances and please read the instructions before operating the system. The driver is always responsible for driving safely.