Precision. Dedication. Skill. All are integral to the unique craftsmanship evident in each and every Lexus.



Across the Lexus range, every single detail is crafted to the highest standards. All aspects come together to create a refined, effortless experience for drivers and passengers alike.


Next time you slip into one of our cars, take a moment to admire the beautifully stitched seams that adorn the interior. Their simplicity and elegance betray nothing of how difficult they are to create.

The stitching must be executed precisely – every time. The effect is palpable as handcrafted lines contrast beautifully with the cutting-edge technology of the car’s gauges and dash instruments.


A perfect surface has effortless appeal, but is painstaking to create. After each coat of foundation paintwork, the car’s exterior is wet sanded by hand.

The finish is then checked by the keen eyes of Takumi craftsmen, as well as with digital scanners. No blemishes are missed. Flawless smoothness is the only option to meet our exacting standards.


Our engine tests are not merely automated. As well as using the latest technology to guarantee the highest standards, everything that lies under the bonnet is surveyed by a craftsman’s eye, too.

Human hands live in harmony with cutting-edge systems such as CAT scanning, borrowed from medical science. Unlike traditional scanners, these see right inside each engine, guaranteeing every single one meets Lexus's exacting quality requirements.

Takumi also use tools like the traditional stethoscope to ensure precision and quality are maintained at all times.


The ancient Japanese concept of 'Takumi' is essential to all that we do. Our Takumi master craftsmen are the guardians of this artisan philosophy, applying the subtlety human touch to every aspect of Lexus design and development.

It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert but 60,000 hours to become a Takumi Master. This unique documentary tells the story of four Takumi Master Craftsmen and their dedication to a life of endless repetition with no short cuts. It explores the question of how the human craft will survive once AI develops beyond our own capabilities.


There is only one route to superior craft, and it takes extraordinary attention to detail They even hide faults and marks onto cars to ensure their workers reach this standard too. From the test drivers who are tested before the road test, to the room where future Takumi train their senses, these films will show why nothing is crafted like a Lexus.


Unrivalled craft only comes from robots and humans working in harmony. Programming the unique senses of highly skilled craftsmen into the consistent and efficient movements of our robotic technology, has resulted in unparalleled Lexus craftsmanship.


After hours of practice and training Lexus Takumi Master Craftsmen develop almost superhuman senses. Sight that can see marks invisible to the untrained eye, hearing that can tune an engine with surgical precision and a sense of touch that can detect imperfections a fraction of a millimetre.