1. Safety
  2. NX Awarded Five-Star Euro NCAP Rating


The Lexus NX achieves five-star safety rating in euro NCAP testing.

  • The Lexus NX awarded the highest five-star rating by independent vehicle safety test organisation Euro NCAP
  • Impressive across-the-board performance by the mid-size luxury SUV in all categories – adult, child and vulnerable road user protection and safety assistance
  • Results bear witness to the effectiveness of the third generation of Lexus Safety System +, fitted as standard to all new NX models
  • Euro NCAP results apply equally to the hybrid NX 350h and plug-in hybrid NX 450h+
  • NX safety provisions go beyond the criteria for Euro NCAP testing, including world-first linking of e-Latch electronic door release with the Blind Spot Monitor to guard against collisions from inadvertent door opening


The significant package of advanced safety and driver assistance systems provided on the Lexus NX have helped earn the mid-size luxury SUV a top five-star rating from the independent European testing group Euro NCAP.

Released yesterday, the test report shows the NX excelling in every category. It validates the quality and effectiveness of the latest, third generation of Lexus Safety System + fitted as standard to all NX models, together with comprehensive passive safety provisions and the car’s built-in strength to provide protection in the event of an impact. The results apply equally to the hybrid NX 350h and plug-in hybrid NX 450h.

In detail, the NX achieved an 83% score for adult occupant protection, 87% for child occupants, 83% for vulnerable road users and 91% for the performance of its safety assistance systems.

Lexus has significantly enhanced the scope and functionality of its active safety and driver assistance systems so that they are able to detect a wider range of hazards in different driving scenarios. For example, the Pre-Collision System (PCS) benefits from upgrades to its millimetre-wave radar and camera systems so that it can now detect pedestrians and motorcycles in the car’s path. It also offers an increased safeguard when making a turn at an intersection, determining when there is a high collision risk with oncoming traffic, or crossing pedestrians and cyclists.

The NX was also the first Lexus model to adopt a new Emergency Steering Assist. This instantaneously recognises when the driver is swerving to avoid an obstacle – a pedestrian or stationary vehicle for example – and provides automatic steering assistance while keeping the car within its traffic lane. These and other improvements to the PCS have significantly increased its accident risk detection capability.

All the safety assistance systems tested by Euro NCAP received the top “good” classification, including the performance of the PCS, Lane Trace Assist, speed assistance/limiter and driver awareness monitoring.

While the NX meets the key criteria of Euro NCAP testing, it goes further to provide safe driving and peace of mind. For example, with the Safe Exit Assist, it marks a world first in linking operation of its smooth electric e-Latch door opening system to its Blind Spot Monitor; if the monitor detects traffic approaching from the rear, it will cancel the door opening to avoid a collision risk.

Lexus Safety System + also provides Adaptive Cruise Control, with performance improved so that it can react more quickly to traffic cutting-in and follow a more natural line through bends, with speed adjusted in a way that feels more natural to the driver.

While Lexus Safety System + is fitted as standard to all European versions of the NX, owners of higher grade models can further equip their vehicle with an optional Extended Safety Package.

This includes Lane Change Assistance (LCA), which provides automatic lane change steering when the driver uses the turn indicators in highway driving, and Front Cross-Traffic Alert, which uses radar monitoring to detect and warn the driver of traffic approaching from either side when emerging from a junction at low speed.

For more information please visit: https://www.lexus.eu/new-cars/nx