1. LS


Take a glance at the Lexus LS 500h’s seductive coupé-like profile and you’ll immediately sense this is no ordinary car. A pioneering hybrid flagship sedan, created to make you feel special every time you drive it.

However frenetic the world is outside you’re cocooned in luxury inside the LS. Important instruments are situated so as not to distract you from the road ahead. The roominess is striking, yet it is the craftsmanship of our ‘Takumi’ artisans – each with over 15 years’ experience – which gives the LS cabin a special air of refinement.

    The Lunar Silver paintwork on the LS flagship has taken coating technology to new heights, achieved through years of dedicated research and innovation.                                                                   


    The LS sedan showcases our latest world-first safety systems, supporting the Chief Engineer’s desire to give people the freedom to drive confidently.                                                                                                     


    The LS 500h provides supremely smooth performance, not just on the motorway where its Multi Stage Hybrid offers enhanced feel up to 250 km/h, but in the city too.                                                                                              



    Powered by a Lexus Multi Stage Hybrid drivetrain that has been reengineered to deliver enhanced driveability and quietness, the new LS 500h revolutionises the way hybrids perform. By adding a multi-stage shift device to its 3.5-litre V6 full hybrid powertrain, our engineers have created a breakthrough car that offers incredible linear acceleration, flexible power and addictive 10-speed shifts using ‘M’ mode – yet with all the smoothness and efficiency of a Lexus hybrid. The LS 500h is available with a choice of either Rear-Wheel Drive or All-Wheel Drive.

    On the latest LS 500h, the rear catalytic convertor, traditionally mounted on the exhaust pipe, has been moved nearer to the engine, meaning both catalysts are now arranged in tandem which improves catalyst warm-up performance. Lexus engineers also increased the support from the electric motor and retuned accelerator inputs, making power delivery even smoother


    The overall form of the LS 500h’s upper body has been crafted to have an ideal aerodynamic shape. The sides of the front bumper have been shaped to direct the airflow along the wheel arches. Beneath the car, the underbody has been almost fully covered to reduce drag, with aerodynamic fins located to guide the airflow smoothly rearwards. The LS 500h has a 0.26 coefficient of drag (0.28 with AWD version).


    The LS 500h has an extremely rigid body to deliver a ride that is exceptionally refined and stable. The extensive use of lightweight materials, such as aluminium, and advanced bonding techniques have helped minimise weight to improve fuel economy and performance. To increase rigidity even further, the braces that connect the rear suspension member and body have been almost doubled in strength, contributing to excellent handling stability and ride comfort.

Adaptive Variable Suspension enhances the ride, helped by no fewer than 650 settings. It’s also assisted by the new rear suspension reinforcement that provides improved stability and ride comfort, and by a new supportive seat design. The result is performance you can feel. Refinement is written all over the LS. From its sleek form to the ultra-smooth performance perfected by months on the test track and roads all over the world by Lexus master drivers, designers, engineers and craftspeople.

To reduce eye movement and potential distraction, all important instruments and displays are positioned close to your view of the road ahead. The controls you use most frequently, such as Drive Mode Select, 12.3” touchscreen display and important switches, are concentrated around the steering wheel. For improved ergonomics and ease of operation, the seat heater, ventilation, steering wheel heater and rear window sunshade all now have a dedicated control switch. Other updates include a new centre console box with smartphone pocket, improved USB layout, more storage space and redesigned cupholders.



    The LS 500h’s upgraded Lexus Safety System + is designed to prevent many kinds of accident. For instance, its Pre-Collision System now detects pedestrians and bicycles, and when necessary, displays warnings or automatically applies brake pressure.

    It also features Lane Tracing Assist, which helps stop you drifting out of lane and Automatic High Beam for improved vision at night. And now Intersection Turn Assist detects oncoming vehicles and pedestrians when turning at an intersection. On top of this, Emergency Steering Assist helps guide your steering movements when there is a vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian very close to or in your lane.

    Another innovation on the LS 500h is curve speed reduction, which automatically slows your car when Dynamic Radar Cruise Control senses speed is too high.


    Alongside oncoming vehicles and pedestrians during daytime, the Pre-Collision System can also detect pedestrians at night and bicycles during daytime. To achieve this, the camera sensitivity and dynamic range help reduce accidents in the dark, for example, when a pedestrian in front of an oncoming vehicle is difficult to see due to the vehicle’s lights.

    Furthermore, the millimetre wave radar detection area angle is wider, enabling bicycles to be detected during daytime. If the system judges that the possibility of a collision is high, the brakes are automatically applied to support collision avoidance, or reduce damage in the event of a collision.


    For the ultimate in safety performance, Lexus Safety System + A offers additional features beyond those in Lexus Safety System +. These include:

    • Pre-Collision System with Active Steering Assist
    • Front Cross Traffic Alert
    • BladeScan® Adaptive High-beam System (AHS)
    • Digital Rear-view Mirror
    • Head-Up Display with Pedestrian Alert 


    Additionally, the LS 500h AWD Executive and Luxury grades offer an:

    • Advanced Park system

Using light from 12 LEDs projected onto the blades of a circular mirror rotating at 6,000 rpm, and through a lens, this breakthrough technology helps you recognise pedestrians and road signs more clearly, without dazzling oncoming cars.

The LS 500h is equipped with up to 12 airbags. In a collision, a depression is formed in the centre of the passenger front airbag to cradle delicate areas such as the nose and mouth. The optional rear power seats come with seat cushion airbags.



    Combining the spaciousness of a flagship sedan with a dynamic presence pushed designers to the limit. So, too, did the intricate details. The signature grille alone, with its 5,000 individual surfaces, took months to perfect. In the flesh, the car’s arrival feels like a red carpet premiere, such is the anticipation it evokes. Alongside its elegant sedan looks, the sweeping roofline hints at the dynamic experience in store. The LS is a car to make you feel special, either driving or being driven.


    • ·19” CAST ALLOY WHEELS Finished in metallic grey with machined details, a flat rim improves the aerodynamic performance of this noise reducing wheel.
    • 19” CAST ALLOY WHEELS This noise reducing wheel has a hyper-chrome metallic coating to boost the dynamic presence of the new LS 500h.
    • 20” CAST ALLOY WHEELS Enhancing the car’s powerful presence, this noise reducing wheel has an exquisitely crafted black surface finish.
    • 20” CAST ALLOY WHEELS This new black 20” alloy wheel is intricately machined for a stunning flagship look.

    The jewel-like LED headlights on the LS 500h are now positioned vertically in sleek 3-projector units, with distinctive L-shaped DRLs to create the iconic Lexus lighting signature. As well as delivering light when and where you need it most, they are equipped with sequential turn signal indicators and multi-weather lights for foggy conditions.

The rear combination lights on the LS 500h are formed of multiple LEDs. Together with the new Piano Black ornamentation, they give the car an instantly recognisable visual signature with crystal-like linear illumination.

For convenient loading and unloading the LS 500h is available with a handsfree power boot lid. This can be opened and closed simply by moving your foot in front of a sensor located underneath the rear bumper while you are carrying the smart key.



    A relaxed driver means fewer accidents. Which is why we’ve developed leading-edge driver support systems on the LS 500h like Advanced Park, which enables ‘hands-free’ parking of your car. For trouble-free city driving, Digital Panoramic View Monitor, provides a 360° view around the car. Creating a virtual 3D image of your LS with onscreen driving guides, Cornering View helps you avoid mounting the curb and Clearance View assists when passing another vehicle.


    Surrounded by luxury and Takumi craftsmanship, your guests can relax in massage seats in the front and the reclining shiatsu massage seat with first-class legroom and Ottoman footrest in the rear. Meanwhile, Climate Concierge orchestrates the ideal climate for each person in the car. What’s more, it discharges minute nanoe™ X particles, helping inhibit viruses and bacteria on the one hand, reducing odours on the other and at the same time moisturising your hair and skin. Immerse yourself in luxury crafted by Lexus


    The advanced Lexus Link app boasts an array of connected services as standard. Driving Analytics tracks your journeys and highlights business trips. Find my Car guides you back to your car. You can receive notifications if you leave a window open or forget to switch off the headlights. And from the comfort of your home, you can remotely defrost the windscreen, pre-set the air conditioning temperature, activate hazard warning lights or even lock and unlock your car. 

Lexus Link Multimedia on the LS has been designed for maximum user engagement, exceptional speed and ease of use. At its heart is the 12.3” High Definition touchscreen. One of the largest available in this category of car, it is perfectly positioned for seamless interaction. While you download the latest maps ‘Over The Air’ or discover the Mark Levinson audio system, you also have access to navigation and climate control. You can also display your favourite smartphone apps via Android Auto® or wireless Apple CarPlay®. 

The Rear Seat Entertainment is operated by the multi-operation panel in the rear and delivers an outstanding video experience via an 11.6” LCD screen. The system offers high-definition output of 720p resolution when using Miracast via an HDMI connected device or 1080p with a Wi-Fi connection. This allows playback of Blu-ray Disc and SD card, as well as Wi-Fi. The armrest is also equipped with a headphone jack and HDMI port.

Delivering a peerless 7.1-channel home-theatre experience, the new 3D Surround Mark Levinson Surround System supplies 23 speakers in 16 cabin locations. Quantum Logic Immersion and ClariFi - a technology that analyses the compressed sound source and complements lost data – deliver exceptional sound. Finally, a 22 cm subwoofer in the rear deck produces rich sound, vividly expressing the atmosphere and contour of the original music.  


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