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Combining iconic SUV looks with peerless off-road performance, the luxurious new GX 550 is meticulously crafted to conquer city streets or the roughest mountain terrain.

From the outside, the GX presents a distinctive blend of power and poise. Under the sculpted bonnet, a turbocharged 3.5-litre V6 with 10-speed automatic transmission produces 354 DIN hp and 650 Nm of torque. For the first time ever, the new GX ‘Overtrail’ grade offers a suite of off-road features including a wider track, Multi-Terrain Select (MTS), Electronic-Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (E-KDSS) and Crawl Control. Rounding off the adventure package, the Overtrail comes with a Multi-Terrain Monitor and exclusive 18" wheels with bespoke off-road tyres.

“We wanted drivers to really “Experience Amazing” in the GX 550. To achieve this, we drove urban streets, motorways, winding mountain roads, rocky terrain and dirt roads on all five continents.”



    Designed to master mountain tracks while passengers are cocooned in Takumi-crafted luxury, here you can discover the new Lexus GX 550.


    The new GX combines exceptional off-road capabilities with world-class Lexus refinement – always a partner you can trust, whatever the conditions.


    The “From the Ground Up” video series takes you behind the scenes to where it all began. Follow designers and engineers as they develop the new GX luxury SUV.



    Lexus engineers tested the GX 550 on all five continents and across all sorts of terrains, from sweeping highways to potholed mountain tracks. The result is a luxury SUV that’s fit for real adventures. The turbocharged 3.5-litre V6 with 10-speed automatic transmission produces 354 DIN hp and peak torque of 650 Nm, giving 3,500kg of towing capacity. Developed especially for the toughest 4x4 driving, the GX 550’s engine delivers top-level efficiency and output thanks to high-speed combustion technology. Full-time four-wheel drive bolsters the GX’s off-road appetite, while a new suspension optimises ride comfort and allows for wheel sizes up to 22".


    The GX 550 features a new, amazingly strong yet lightweight body-on-frame platform, which increases body rigidity and improves handling wherever you travel. As well as the frame, Lexus engineers went on to reinforce the entire body of the GX, while further strength comes from an extra radiator brace and increased front pillar cross rigidity. Finally, features like the aluminium bonnet help reduce the GX’s centre of gravity which improves off-road stability and less rocking motion.


    The latest GX takes adventure driving to new heights. Full-time AWD provides optimal torque distribution and attains a high level of off-road capability and on-road handling stability using a lockable Torsen® limited-slip centre differential. When accelerating around corners, the differential smoothly distributes balanced driving force to the rear wheels, ensuring controlled performance. In straight-line driving, the GX 550 responds to changes in road conditions with consummate ease.

The GX’s off-road capability and on-road handling stability are further enhanced by a newly developed double wishbone suspension. This suspension layout ensures precise vehicle posture during cornering and braking.

Enabling a substantial hike in performance, the GX’s new multi-link rear suspension delivers superior stability. Capable of handling higher levels of torque, it also substantially reduces noise, vibration and harshness. The result is a ride refinement worthy of a Lexus flagship.



                                                                               Luxury is about reassurance, security and peace of mind. Passengers in the GX 550 can take comfort from the fact that they are protected by an immensely strong passenger safety cell and 8 SRS airbags in tandem with our next-level Lexus Safety System +. Add to that a class leading package of driver support technology - and the Safe Exit Assist function that warns passengers against opening their door in the event of traffic approaching from the rear - and the GX will take the stress out of any journey.


    The GX benefits from the advanced driver assistance features which make up the latest generation of Lexus Safety System +, with a host of upgraded and additional accident prevention functions. Alongside detecting road users such as motorcyclists, the enhanced Lexus Pre-Collision System allows more potential collisions to be avoided, such as at left/right turns and cut-in traffic. It can also recognise oncoming traffic or crossing pedestrians when making a turn at a junction. The ability to avoid impacts is increased by Emergency Steering Assist.

    * Under no circumstances should Lexus Safety System + be used to replace your driving skills at the wheel. Please read the instructions very carefully before operating the system and remember the driver is always responsible for safety. Details of specifications and equipment are subject to change to suit local conditions and requirements. Please enquire at your local Lexus Authorised Retailer.


    This system uses a millimetre-wave radar sensor and camera to detect the vehicle in front and maintain an appropriate distance. If the vehicle in front comes to a halt, the GX will stop too. When the vehicle moves off again, you will too. It quickly recognises traffic cutting in front and, in conjunction with Lane Tracing Assist, follows a more natural line through bends.

    For an easier and safer drive, Road Sign Assist (RSA) recognises traffic signs and provides information to the driver via the multi-information display. When linked to Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, the car’s speed can be adjusted according to the speed limit recognised by RSA.

    *Please consult your local retailer regarding availability in your country.

Equipped with our latest Obstacle Anticipation Assist system, the GX’s pioneering new Proactive Driving Assist with Active Driving Assist technology monitors road users and objects ahead, and proactively controls brakes and steering to keep a safe distance from them. Additionally, Deceleration Assist helps you when releasing the accelerator before a bend or a vehicle in front, allowing for smoother and safer deceleration.

*Please consult your local retailer regarding availability in your country.

While Lexus Safety System + is fitted as standard, an Extended Safety Package offers selected semi-autonomous driving features. On motorways, the new Lane Change Assist allows the GX to perform automatic lane change using Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. Front Cross Traffic Alert increases safety at intersections by detecting vehicles from the left or right. At night, our pioneering BladeScan® Adaptive High-beam System (AHS) gives you enhanced vision, allowing pedestrians and road signs to be seen earlier, without the risk of dazzling other drivers.

*Please consult your local retailer regarding availability in your country.



    From the outside, the GX is at once refined and rugged; a distinctive visual blend of power and poise. The muscular, angular bonnet (made of aluminium to save weight) sets the tone, with an intricate front grille and triple-beam LED headlamps. In profile, the GX is athletic and forceful with improved approach angles for steep slopes, while the rear design incorporates the singular Lexus L-shaped light bar. Underneath, meanwhile, is a protective kit to prevent vegetation getting tangled.


    Contrasting its all-action exterior, inside the GX 550 presents a satisfying feeling of soothing tranquillity. It starts with the Japanese ‘Omotenashi’ welcome via the 12.3" instrument display and leather-wrapped touchscreen. Behind the wheel, there is a profound sense of being calmly, cleverly looked after. It stems from a Lexus culture of putting drivers first, from the ‘Tazuna’ cockpit and driver-focused instrument panel to the dashboard’s horizontal axis that ensures optimum vision.


    As a full-blooded luxury 4x4, our Takumi craftspeople have paid great attention to the driver’s seat, with added support for the waist and pelvis whilst off-roading. The seat cushion is also specially designed to stabilise the spine and head, so rough trails are less physically demanding. To meet your lifestyle needs, the GX can be configured with five or six seats and can even accommodate a full-size mountain bike with the rear seats down.

Born of a commitment to co-existence and sustainability, we have developed the amazing GX 550 ‘Overtrail’ grade. With a robust stance accentuated by its wider track, revised bumper corners and a dedicated central protector, every inch of the GX Overtrail grade is ready for even the toughest outdoor challenge. Specially designed 18" wheels with exclusive 4x4 tyres underline the Overtrail’s tough lower body area, as well as enabling rugged off-road driving.

Unique new hues set the GX Overtrail grade apart from the rest, adding a distinctive style and sophistication. The Moon Desert exterior colour, a newly developed blend of solid tones and metallic undertones, graces the GX with exclusivity and elegance. For an even more arresting look, a bi-tone colour option highlights the character of the Overtrail grade and expands the choice of exterior colours to nine.



    The GX 550 Overtrail’s 3D Multi-Terrain Monitor uses four cameras to help you see around and even under the vehicle. Additionally, Back Underfloor View provides images showing the area around the rear wheels when reversing. For convenience, the camera washer can be operated using an on-screen switch. To support off-road driving conditions the GX is equipped with Multi-Terrain Select. With the addition of Deep Snow, the feature now offers six modes: Auto; Dirt; Sand; Mud; Deep Snow and Rock.


                                                                                     The GX 550 Overtrail showcases a new Electronic-Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (E-KDSS) that can lock or release the front and rear anti-roll bars independently. This gives your vehicle added wheel articulation, as well as offering greater flexibility during off-roading. Crawl Control, which reduces your burden when driving in extreme offroad conditions or on slippery surfaces, is also available. When driving in low range, this feature allows the GX to move at one of five driver-selected low-speed settings.


    Trailer Sway Control is adopted to suppress trailer oscillation, typically triggered by wind, bumpy roads and steering operation when towing a trailer. You can equip your Overtrail for life in the wilderness with extras like a second-row seat with tumble function, automatic side steps and assist grips. There’s also a practical AC power outlet, USB ports, wireless charger and 1500W inverter.

Lexus Link Multimedia opens a new world of connectivity created to complement our unique ‘Omotenashi’ service philosophy. With an extra-large 14" touchscreen, advanced voice recognition with wireless Android Auto® or wireless Apple CarPlay smartphone integration, Lexus Link Multimedia offers a seamless in-car experience. The newly developed “Hey Lexus” voice assistant understands natural language and the context of statements such as “I’m cold” and even recognises who is speaking.

The near-silent X cabin provides the perfect setting for the bespoke new 21-speaker Mark Levinson® Premium Surround Sound audio. Standard on higher grades and developed by our exclusive audio partners, the system is optimised for the car’s interior architecture.


Experience Amazing with a Lexus GX 550 test drive, choose a vehicle, location and length of your choice.