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Cookies are one of the reasons you are able to experience amazing on our website. However, we fully respect your right to choose which cookies we are able to use. Below you will see the purpose of each cookie and your current settings. You can change the settings for almost every cookie by ticking or unticking the box. The exception is 'Strictly Necessary' which is selected by default to ensure our website works properly and cannot be changed. There is no need to do anything if you simply wish to continue browsing.

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies

    Without these cookies, our website would not be able to work as intended and therefore this option cannot be unselected.

  • Performance Cookies
    We use these anonymous cookies to examine how people interact with our website in order to make improvements to your experience.
  • Functional Cookies

    These cookies are also anonymous and enable us to save information such as language choices and location. That means more personalisation and no need to re-enter certain details. 
  • Social Media & Advertising

    Choose this option if you want to see adverts on social media that are more relevant to your interests. These cookies can also limit the number of times you see the same advert. 



To enhance your online experience, Lexus and our partners use 'cookies', 'web beacons° or other tracking technologies. Cookies are text files placed in your computer's browser to store your preferences. Lexus uses cookies or other tracking technologies to understand Service and Internet usage and to improve or customize the products, content, offerings or services on the Lexus websites.

For example, we may use cookies to personalize your experience at the Lexus Build 8 Buy services (e.g., to recognise you by name when you return to a service or to remember your configured car), save your password in password-protected areas, and enable you to use shopping carts.



1. Strictly Necessary Cookies


a. We use these cookies to provide you the minimal services on the Lexus Websites

b. We use these cookies to improve the security on the Lexus websites.

c. These cookies are mandatory and cannot be disabled on this website.

d. In general, you can disable cookies at any time in your browser.


2. Performance Cookies


a. Lexus uses performance cookies to improve the service we are providing online using analytics, survey pop-ups and overall performance and availability monitoring.

b. These cookies are optional and can be deselected on the cookie settings dialog box on top of this page.


3. Functional Cookies


a. Lexus uses functional cookies to remember your login credentials the next time you visit our websites.

b. We also use these cookie to enhance your user experience by remembering certain choices you make, e.g. your choice between monthly or cash payments in the Build & Buy section.

c. These cookies are optional and can be deselected on the cookie settings dialog box on top of this page.


4. Targeting/Tracking Cookies


a. To enable the full experience on the Lexus websites, these cookies are used to keep a log of which pages you visited on the Lexus websites or providing you local services like "nearest Lexus retailer". This may lead to targeted ads when visiting websites other than Lexus websites.

b. These cookies are optional and must be explicitly accepted in the cookie banner or in the dialog box on top of this page.


Lexus, our third party service providers or our partners also may use cookies or other tracking technologies to manage and measure the performance of advertisements displayed on other websites you are visiting.

By visiting the Lexus websites, whether as a registered user or otherwise, you acknowledge, and agree that you are giving us your consent to track your activities and your use of the services and functionalities through the technologies described above, as well as similar technologies developed in the future.

Third parties may themselves set and access their own tracking technologies when you visit our Lexus websites and they may have access to information about you and your online activities over time and across different websites or applications when you use the Lexus websites. Their use of such tracking technologies is not in our control and is subject to their own privacy policies.



Most web browsers are set up to accept cookies. You may be able to set your web browser to warn you before accepting certain cookies or to refuse certain cookies. However if you disable the use of cookies in your web browser, some features on the Lexus websites may be difficult to use or may not function correctly.