1. Maintenance
  2. Hybrid Health Check


Get the most from your Lexus hybrid vehicle with an annual hybrid health check at your local Lexus retailer. This will ensure the optimum performance of your vehicle.


We have a responsibility to ensure your hybrid Lexus continues to perform as efficiently as possible. That's why we offer a Lexus Hybrid Health check.


Servicing hybrid technology is best trusted to a Lexus Authorised Repairer. Our technicians are all graduates of the highly regarded Lexus Certified Training programme and are widely respected experts. They are fully up-to-date specialists in all aspects of hybrid technology and trained to use only the most advanced equipment and systems. The result is that your Lexus will only receive the attention it deserves.


An annual check of your vehicle’s hybrid technology is an excellent way to ensure the system continues to run at its smoothest and most efficient. We will evaluate the entire Lexus Hybrid Drive system, compiling a comprehensive report with all the information you need to understand its operating status. All details are carefully and clearly explained, and if any part of the system requires work or refinement, this will be discussed along with recommended next steps.


The system will analyse the performance of the hybrid battery.


The system will analyse the efficiency of the drive system.


The system will analyse the efficiency of the cooling system.


An annual hybrid health check is free of charge as part of any Lexus Service. By keeping on top of your car's hybrid health at regular intervals, you can be sure every journey is smooth, stress-free and enjoyable.


Lexus Hybrid Drive components are covered by a five-year or 100,000km manufacturer’s warranty as standard. Following a successful Hybrid Health Check, you will benefit from a further one-year (or 15,000km) Hybrid Battery Extended Care package and be provided with a certificate to accompany your service documentation. This can be extended annually, for up to 10 years from the first date of vehicle registration. That’s a decade of peace of mind, knowing that in the unlikely event of attention being required, your Lexus will always be cared for by the experts.


If you have any questions about hybrid maintenance, please explore our FAQs below or contact your local Lexus Centre.


  • This is a common misconception but the answer is ‘no’ You don’t have to maintain a hybrid engine more frequently than a regular car, and routine maintenance and minor repairs tend to be lower than that for a conventional engine.

    As with all vehicles of every variety, regular maintenance is key to ensure that your car is in the best condition it can be. The more that you use your car, the more frequently you will need to have your car serviced. Contact your local Lexus Dealer to find out the optimum gap between services and what else you can do to optimise the health of your hybrid battery and other components.

    Contact your local Lexus Dealer to book a hybrid health check at a time and location that’s convenient to you.

    A hybrid health check report is a detailed explanation of the condition of your car. As well as proving that your car has undergone a service and therefore increasing your warranty, this comprehensive report will highlight any areas within the hybrid system that may require attention in the future. The report will be yours to keep for future reference and comparison when your next hybrid health check is due.

  • Lexus hybrid batteries are made to the highest standards, designed to last as long as possible. How long your battery lasts will depend on your usage and driving habits, and again maintenance has an enormous part to play in your battery’s longevity. Lexus hybrid batteries can last as long as the car, making hybrid one of the most reliable vehicle options for years to come.

    Lexus has believed and invested in hybrid technology since 2004 and we have perfected our hybrid expertise. Using the latest innovations in hybrid technology, every Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid is designed to provide the smart choice for drivers, fusing environmental efficiency with pure driving pleasure. With the widest range of luxury hybrid models available on the market, it’s easier than ever to fit hybrid technology into your lifestyle.