1. Finance & insurance


We understand that every business is unique. Whether you’re managing a scheme or an entire fleet we tailor a cost-effective package that works for you and your company.



We understand that every business is unique. Whether you’re managing a scheme or an entire fleet we tailor a cost-effective package that works for you and your company.


A contract hire could be an excellent option for lower monthly rentals and the ease of simply handing your Lexus back to us at the end of your agreement.

  • Convenient, minimal administration and fixed cost motoring for easy budgeting.
  • No depreciation or residual value risks on your Lexus.
  • Optional service and maintenance packages.



Manage your budget more easily with Hire Purchase. Fixed monthly payments are spread over an agreed period (up to 5 years) after which ownership is transferred to you.

  • Flexible deposit: you decide the amount.
  • No large final payment.
  • Writing down allowances can be claimed.
  • Your Lexus can be shown as an asset on the balance sheet.



Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is available to all business users and offers advantages including fixed affordable payments, an accessible deposit and three flexible choices at the end of your agreement.

  • No minimum deposit and fixed payments over flexible terms.
  • The future value of your Lexus is guaranteed.
  • Simpler budgeting and cash-flow benefits.



Lease Purchase is a route to owning your Lexus. It lets you keep your monthly payments low by including a large final payment and at the end of your agreement when you own the Lexus outright.

  • Lower monthly payments can shorten the agreement period.
  • Flexible agreement terms for easy budgeting to suit your needs.
  • Writing down allowances can be claimed.



Leasing is another cost-effective option with tax advantages, allowing you to share in the profit (or loss) made on the sale of the Lexus at the end of the agreement.


Lexus can help make sure your car is properly insured. We offer three bespoke insurance products to choose from: Lexus Asset Protector, Lexus SMART Cover and Motor Insurance.



Our specially designed motor insurance provides high quality cover. You have the reassurance of knowing your Lexus will be restored to its pre-accident condition by experienced technicians using genuine Lexus parts.

  • Courtesy car provided while we repair your vehicle.
  • 24 hour claims team.
  • If you’re hit by an uninsured vehicle, you won’t lose your no claims discount or have to pay an excess.
  • No claims discount for named drivers on your policy if they take out their own policy with us.
  • Complimentary comprehensive cover for up to three days while driving in the EU, which can be extended to 180 days for an additional premium.
  • Medical expenses and personal effects cover – plus cover for loss of keys, child seats and your Lexus original fitted audio and navigation equipment.



Lexus Asset Protector, also known as GAP insurance, is a great way to protect your investment if your car is written off or stolen.

Lexus Financial Services can offer you Asset Protector for up to 36 months from the date you take delivery of the vehicle. If your vehicle is written off, Asset Protector could quickly help you cover the shortfall in funds to cover the cost of a new Lexus or settle any outstanding finance.



We want to help you keep your Lexus looking in pristine condition. Lexus SMART Cover is the intelligent way to help maintain your car’s value and beauty.