1. ES


From the moment your eyes are drawn to it, the ES 300h’s striking front grille, coupé-like roofline and triple LED headlights underscore the looks of this daringly elegant sedan.

Impeccable road manners combine with a 4th generation Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid drivetrain and advanced Lexus Safety System + to reset benchmarks for driving refinement. For the latest ES 300h, we championed continuous improvement, taking multimedia and connectivity to the next level, and to help you enjoy it even more, created a fresh Ammonite Sand interior.

                                                                                                                                                                                  We are thrilled to announce that the Lexus ES, our most popular sedan, has passed the three million sales mark. This milestone was reached just 5 years after its introduction in Western Europe. 


    The ADAC Ecotest helps consumers to holistically evaluate the environmental performance of cars in Germany.                                                                                                                                     


                                                                                                                                                                                To launch the latest ES 300h Self-Charging Hybrid, we released a one-of-a-kind emotionally intelligent advertisement created to respond to your emotions.                                                                                                                       



    The ES 300h has an extremely rigid platform/body to deliver a ride that is particularly refined and stable. Advanced Laser Screw Welding, lightweight materials and the latest adhesive technology have helped minimise weight and improve performance. In addition, the suspension tower brace in the engine bay and the redesigned rear suspension member improve the rigidity of the car.


    Thanks to its 4th generation Self-Charging Hybrid technology - that couples an ultra-efficient 2.5-litre Atkinson cycle petrol engine with a powerful electric motor - the ES 300h delivers 218 DIN hp/160 kW of power and fuel consumption from just 5.1 l/100 km. And because the ES 300h operates a substantial amount of the time in zero emissions EV mode, you can expect significantly lower CO₂ emissions (115 g/km) than conventional sedans.


    When starting off and at lower speeds, the powerful front electric motor propels the ES 300h, with electric power supplied by the hybrid battery. At this point you are enjoying near-silent 100% electric driving. Our Self-Charging Hybrids do not require plugging in and are capable of driving in EV mode using no petrol.

2.5-litre petrol engine incorporates fast-burn combustion technology that makes it one of the most thermally efficient engines ever built. The result is more power without increasing emissions or fuel consumption. Features that help achieve such results include straight intake ports, increased valve angles and laser-finished valve seats. A variable capacity oil pump, multi-hole injectors, VVT-iE on the intake valves contribute to its world-class performance.

Engineered to smoothly blend power delivered by the electric motor/generator and 2.5-litre engine, this transmission utilises a multi-axle arrangement of the electric motors to reduce the overall length of the transaxle. For a more direct drive and compactness, the traditional planetary gear set is replaced by a parallel shaft gear and multi-function gear.

Engineered to last the car’s lifetime, the nickel-metal hydride battery, which drives the electric motor and stores power generated during driving and braking, is positioned underneath the rear seat. This is made possible by minimising the height of the battery and the adoption of a more compact cooling system. This positioning means more luggage space and improved weight distribution for better handling.



    On its launch, the ES 300h was named both ‘Safest Large Family Car’ and ‘Safest Electric/Hybrid Car’ by Euro NCAP. Innovative technologies such as Lexus Safety System + that includes a pioneering Pre-Collision System, now with pedestrian detection at night and bicycle detection during daytime.


    Capable of detecting oncoming vehicles and pedestrians during daytime, the Pre-Collision System can sense pedestrians at night and bicycles during daytime. To achieve this, the camera sensitivity and dynamic range help reduce accidents in the dark, for example, when a pedestrian in front of an oncoming vehicle is difficult to see due to the vehicle’s lights. Furthermore, the millimetre wave radar detection area angle is wide, enabling bicycles to be detected during daytime.


    The system uses the millimetre wave radar sensor and camera to detect the preceding vehicle and provide control to maintain an appropriate distance. If the preceding vehicle stops, the system will stop the ES. When the vehicle starts off again, the ES will start off and continue following. This system reduces the burden on the driver in situations requiring frequent starting and stopping.

The Road Sign Assist (RSA) system on the ES recognises traffic signs and provides information to the driver in the multi-information display. Linked to Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), the vehicle’s speed setting can be quickly reset in accordance with the speed limit recognised by RSA.

Lane Tracing Assist helps the driver keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane. It is also capable of providing assistance when driving around bends with a tighter radius than the previous system. If the system determines that there is a possibility of departing from the lane, it will switch to departure prevention control, providing support for returning to the centre of the lane.

Lexus Safety System + can use Intersect Turn Assist to detect oncoming vehicles and pedestrians when turning right or left at an intersection.

While using Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Curve Speed Reduction will decelerate the car automatically when it determines the vehicle speed is too high for the curve you are negotiating.

When a vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist is very close to or in your path of travel, Emergency Steering Assist on the ES will assist your steering movements to enhance the car’s stability and prevent accidental lane departure.

After 13 years of research and development work – and marking another world-first for Lexus – optional BladeScan® Adaptive High-beam System (AHS) gives drivers an enhanced field of vision compared to conventional LED headlights. It works by projecting light from twelve LEDs onto a blade-shaped mirror rotating at 6000 rpm and then through a lens to produce a headlight beam. Exhaustive tests with BladeScan®AHS show that pedestrians and road signs can be seen earlier (56 m ahead compared to 32 m for conventional systems) and without the risk of dazzling other drivers.

Extending its safety performance even further, the ES has a comprehensive shield of ten airbags as standard. These include driver and front passenger airbags and knee airbags, side airbags front and rear, and curtain airbags covering all side windows.



    You’ll immediately notice the daring front Lexus signature grille and triple LED headlights that add a provocative edge to an executive sedan that has style and sophistication written all over it.


    The bespoke character of the ES owes much to its sleek roofline, inspired by a sports coupé as much as a spacious sedan, accentuating the car’s low stance and enhanced aerodynamics. Distinctive wheels and Sonic Grey paintwork are the perfect complement to the smart sportiness of the latest ES 300h. 


    These consist of three ultra-small LED units that deliver exceptional light distribution in an appealing design. Equipped with sequential turn indicators, they come with multi-weather lights to help maintain a good field of view in foggy driving conditions. When fitted with Adaptive High-beam System (AHS), the multi-weather lights reduce glare in foggy conditions at night.

Choose 17" wheels with a two-tone machined finish with medium-grey metallic coating; Or select 18" wheels with a new two-tone colour scheme that combines a machined finish with a dark-grey metallic coating; Or experience 18" noise-reducing wheels with a hyper-chrome finish. 



                                                                                      Radar devices mounted in the rear bumper detect vehicles in adjacent lanes that are not visible in the door mirrors. If the driver is indicating to change lane and a vehicle enters the blind spot, a warning signal appears in the relevant door mirror.


                                                                                    Rear Cross Traffic Alert helps avoid parking collisions during low-speed reversing. The system monitors the area at the rear of the ES and adjusts speed if it judges there is a possibility of contact with a vehicle. When necessary, the system alerts you with a buzzer, a warning on the display and door mirrors, and will even brake if required.


    The Lexus Parking Assist Monitor* helps you reverse into parking spaces. On the central display it shows a video image of the space into which you are reversing, and overlays guidelines to facilitate you steering the car. For easier driving in confined spaces, the Panoramic View Monitor provides a near-360° view around the entire vehicle. It also creates a virtual 3D picture of your ES, with on-screen guides to assist close-quarter manoeuvring in the city. 

Vehicle data is projected in colour directly onto the windscreen. The Head-Up Display, measuring 260 mm x 97.5 mm, lets you check data like navigation commands, audio settings or safety features without taking your eyes off the road ahead.

The design architecture of the breakthrough Mark Levinson® PurePlay system was created to immerse driver and passengers in the most powerful, precise and pure audio experience yet. PurePlay leverages multiple technologies to provide outstanding in-vehicle performance. A total of seven Unity™ speakers are placed at shoulder height around the cabin, enhancing acoustics and creating a tonal synergy together with a large subwoofer (265 mm) underneath the rear window.

With vivid graphics on the 12.3” touchscreen display and many mapping options such as ‘Point Of Interest search’, the latest maps can be updated using ‘Over The Air’ technology. For added convenience, the system also includes an electronic owner’s manual. To enhance your navigation experience, online services such as online traffic, parking search, petrol station search, weather forecast and Google Search are available.

With wireless Apple CarPlay® and wireless Android Auto®, the ES allows you to easily display and access some of your smartphone’s apps on the central display screen.

Connecting to the new Lexus Link app transforms your ES into a connected car. Lexus Link gives you seamless access to connected services like:


  • Driving Analytics: Tracks your journeys, driving style and lets you record business trips
  • Hybrid Coach: Helps you drive your ES 300h more efficiently
  • Find my Car: Locates and guides you back to your Lexus
  • eCare: Lets you manage the service and maintenance of your ES
  • Warning Lights: Explains the meaning of each warning light and any action you should take
  • Car status: Notifies you if you’ve left the car windows open or forgotten to switch off the headlights. You can also check if your car is locked
  • Battery Guard: Monitors the charge level of your car’s 12V battery
  • Remote Control: And from the comfort of your home, you can remotely defrost the ES’s windscreen or even lock and unlock your car

As an ES owner, you automatically enjoy all the benefits of Lexus Link Standard Connectivity free of charge over the entire lifetime of your car. The Lexus Link Premium Connectivity pack is also free for the first 4 years of ownership, and thereafter on a subscription basis. It includes features such as:


  • Cloud-based navigation & Voice Assistant
  • Road Events & Real Time Traffic information
  • On- and off-street parking availability
  • Remote Climate: Remote control of air conditioning, steering wheel heating and seat heating


Experience Amazing with a Lexus test drive, choose a vehicle, location and length of your choice.


Our aim is to make your experience of owning a Lexus car truly amazing. As part of this we offer bespoke services that look after your needs and the needs of your car. These benefits include:

  • 3 year / 100,000 km warranty
  • 3 years Roadside Assistance
  • 5 year Hybrid battery cover
  • Free annual hybrid health check
  • My Lexus & Lexus Link App