1. Safety
  2. Lane tracing alert


Long drives and new routes require the highest level of concentration for drivers, and that’s where Lane Departure Alert is on hand to support you. This suite of innovations includes Steering Assist, Vehicle Sway Warning and the further enhanced Lane Trace Assist technology ensuring uninterrupted support to keep you in lane and present in the moment when the dynamic radar cruise control is in operation.

Using a camera, LDA judges the position of your vehicle in relation to the road markings below. This keeps the driver consistently aware of their situation, so that corrective action can be taken when needed.

LDA provides additional support for challenging driving situations. If you are tired or losing focus, the first indicator is often your vehicle swaying. Lexus models with Vehicle Sway Warning notify the driver of any lane deviation through audio and visual alerts before an accident can occur. With different sensitivity settings, Vehicle Sway Warning can be programmed to ensure that it fits perfectly with your personal driving style.

For even greater assurance on the road, Lexus models with Steering Assist provide a gentle force to the wheel when lane departure is imminent. Lane Keep Assist has been updated and improved to the next generation Lane Trace Assist that provides uninterrupted assistance to help maintain the vehicle in the center of the lane with minimal swaying even on gentle curves when the car is in Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.

These LDA features help to prevent accidents caused by fatigue or loss of focus, when a momentary lapse of concentration would otherwise prove dangerous. Through LDA notifications, drivers are able to retain their composure and confidence before they proceed with their journey.

Visit the interactive experience for a demonstration of Lane Departure Alert

Disclaimer: Do not use the Lexus safety system instead of normal driving under any circumstances and please read the instructions before operating the system. The driver is always responsible for driving safely.