1. Connected Services


Enrich your driving experience with ease using in-car Bluetooth® technology. simply connect a phone to your Lexus and enhance every journey.


By pairing a device, you’re able to make hands-free calls and access many of your phone’s features, because life doesn’t stop while you’re on the road.


Use our Bluetooth checker below to find out your car's bluetooth capabilities. 

If you have any questions about your vehicle's Bluetooth technology, please explore our FAQs below or contact your local Lexus Centre.

Bluetooth is the wireless exchange of data over short distances. It uses a specific radio frequency to transmit data through a short-range network. Bluetooth connectivity is a secure way to exchange data and can be found in everything from mobile phones to digital cameras.

1. Begin by enabling Bluetooth on your mobile device.

2. In your Lexus, and with your feet off the pedals and the gearlever in ‘PARK’, press the ‘POWER’ button once to switch on the audio and multimedia system

3. When the system is active, press the ‘MENU’ button on the centre console to bring up the menu display.

4. Using the Remote Touch controller, select ‘SETUP’ > ‘BLUETOOTH’ > ‘ADD DEVICE’ and select your device from the available list.

5. On your device, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration. You may be asked to enter a code to confirm your phone’s identity, or it may connect automatically.

6. With your device registered, return to the ‘BLUETOOTH’ setup menu and choose to connect it as a phone, an audio player, or both.

7. Once your device has been paired with the Lexus NX, it will automatically be recognised by your car – simply switch on Bluetooth on your device to establish the connection.

8. With a smartphone connected, calls can be made easily and in safety, and you can also stream audio content from a phone or tablet by accessing the ‘AUDIO’ menu of the onboard multimedia system.

If you’re still having difficulty, check the following details before contacting your local Lexus Retailer for further support.