1. RX


The Lexus RX excites from the start, with its bold luxury SUV design that’s created to turn heads and stay ahead.

Exuding electrified power and determination from every angle, inside there’s a driver-centred ‘Tazuna’ cockpit and optional leather-free trim. To really ‘Experience Amazing’, just drive the new RX 450h+ Plug-in Hybrid, RX 500h Performance Hybrid or RX 350h Self-Charging Hybrid and you’ll know what we mean.

    Do more with the Lexus RX 450h+ Plug-In Hybrid, the perfect choice for luxury SUV driving.                                                                                                                          


    The 2022 Venice International Film Festival provided a prestigious backdrop for our Lexus Electrified models, including the RX luxury SUV.                                                                


    On the RX luxury SUV, “Next Chapter” design results in an elongated bonnet, sculpted doors, larger wheels and a new “spindle body” design. 


    RX 450h+, RX 350h & RX 350.

    The RX range now features the sports-inspired F SPORT Design grade. This variant is available on the plug-in hybrid RX 450h+, the self-charging hybrid RX 350h & on the petrol
    RX 350.

    F SPORT Design details ensure this RX is a true head-turner. Black mesh type front grill and air inlets embolden the RX’ stance and road presence. A black front lower bumper and black rear bumper, both fitted with satin silver inserts, provide purposeful accents alongside seven premium body colour options, including the F SPORT exclusive F White and Sapphire Blue.


                                                                                     The striking, bold appearance of the F SPORT Design grade is elevated by the stylish black outer mirror covers and the dynamic 21” black wheels, of the same design as the F SPORT Performance grade but with a distinctive glossy finish.

    F SPORT Design models are proudly identified via an exclusive badge, discreetly displaying the legendary Lexus F on a silver background on the side of the iconic RX coupe-like form.


                                                                                        Inside, the clean and spacious F SPORT Design-grade cabin benefits from the welcoming luxury generated by the famed Lexus Takumi craftsmen. Multi-colour ambient illumination and genuine smooth leather seat trims are standard on F SPORT Design models. They complement four interior colour combinations, including the light Ammonite Sand and Hazel options. From behind the wheel, direct yet intuitive controls for the driver are based on the Lexus Tazuna design concept, which simplifies the location and operation of the controls and information sources, to maximise attention on the pleasure of driving.



    The new RX is built on our GA-K platform, extending the wheelbase, but also integrating additional cross members and braces to increase rigidity. This extra strength has allowed Lexus engineers to tune the suspension more accurately, improving both performance and comfort. This new platform is 90 kg lighter and has a lower centre of gravity. Whilst the wheelbase is extended by 60 mm yet maintaining the overall length and reducing yaw, the track is wider and the wheels larger, making for a more confident stance and grip.


    Power delivery on the RX 500h is controlled by DIRECT4, an exclusive Lexus drive force technology. This new system constantly balances the power and torque between the front and rear axles in any driving situation, more precisely than any mechanical system could ever do. Enabling more feel between the road and steering wheel, DIRECT4 ensures improved handling stability and excellent driving dynamics at high speed. The E-FOUR electric all-wheel drive system available on the new RX 350h and RX 450h+ has been upgraded so that the 40kW rear electric motor is always operational, providing more torque and greater traction.


    Enabling a substantial hike in performance, the RX’s new multi-link rear suspension delivers superior lateral stability and anti-squat characteristics. Capable of handling higher levels of torque, it also substantially reduces noise, vibration and harshness. Specially tuned to enhance drivability and handling around fast corners, Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) controls the damping force on all four wheels.

    *Only available on RX 500h and Luxury grade of RX 450h+ and RX 350h

Exceptionally quiet and boasting overall CO2 emissions as low as 1.1 - 1.2 g/km*, the RX 450h+ Lexus Plug-in Hybrid raises the bar for a ‘no compromise’ electrified vehicle. With 309 DIN hp of power, it offers thrilling acceleration of 0 - 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds, thanks to a large capacity plug-in hybrid system that combines a 2.5-litre petrol engine with a motor/generator and 18.1 kWh lithium-ion battery. Alongside a class-leading electric range of up to 69 km* (combined cycle, up to 90 km* in the city), the RX 450h+ can reach up to 135 km/h in EV mode.

*WLTP figures. For more information regarding the new WLTP test method, please visit: www.lexus.eu/wltp#nedc (Opens in new window)

Engineered for high-end electrified performance, the scintillating new RX 500h Performance Hybrid is our first turbo-charged hybrid. With power delivered by a completely new hybrid architecture consisting of a 2.4-litre turbo engine and 6-speed automatic transmission, it delivers 371 DIN hp or 273 kW for an exhilarating 0-100 km/h in 6.2 seconds. Enabling more feel between road and steering wheel, its DIRECT4 drive force control system ensures amazing handling stability even at high speed.

Giving you comfort and confidence in every driving situation, the RX 350h’s Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid seamlessly orchestrates power from a 2.5-litre petrol engine and electric motor(s), delivering 250 DIN hp or 184 kW. The result is acceleration from 0 - 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds, alongside outstanding efficiency, with CO2 emissions of 142 - 149 g/km* and fuel consumption of 6.3 - 6.6 l/100 km*. And because the system recharges as you drive, coast or brake, you’ll also always enjoy exceptional range.

*WLTP figures. For more information regarding the new WLTP test method, please visit: www.lexus.eu/wltp#nedc (Opens in new window)



    The RX benefits from the advanced active safety and driver assistance systems featured in the latest 3rd generation of Lexus Safety System +, with upgraded and additional functions offering increased safety performance. These include Proactive Driving Assist with steering assist and a new Driver Monitor to check drivers for signs of fatigue or distraction. Additionally, Proactive Driving Assist uses the front camera to determine the angle of a bend, adjusting the steering force when approaching a turn.


    Alongside detecting motorcycles during daytime, the enhanced Lexus Pre-Collision System allows more potential collisions to be avoided, such as at left/right turns, and with cut-in traffic. It can also recognise collision risks with oncoming traffic or crossing pedestrians when making a turn at a junction. The ability to avoid impacts is increased by Emergency Steering Assist.


    This system uses a millimetre-wave radar sensor and camera to detect the vehicle in front and maintain an appropriate distance. If the vehicle in front comes to a halt, the RX will stop too. When the vehicle moves off again, you will too. It quickly recognises traffic cutting in front and, in conjunction with Lane Trace Assist, follows a more natural line through bends. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control will also prevent you from driving inside a slower vehicle driving in the outside lane.

Equipped with our latest Obstacle Anticipation Assist system, the RX’s pioneering new Proactive Driving Assist with Active Driving Assist technology, monitors road users and objects ahead, and proactively controls brakes and steering to keep a safe distance from them. Additionally, Deceleration Assist helps you when releasing the accelerator before a bend or preceding vehicle, allowing smoother and safer deceleration. The system also detects curves ahead and adjusts the steering assist force to facilitate safe and precise steering.

Our pioneering BladeScan® Adaptive High-beam System (AHS) gives drivers an enhanced field of vision compared to conventional LED headlights. It works by projecting light from twelve LEDs onto a blade-shaped mirror rotating at 6000 rpm and then through a lens to produce a wide headlight beam. Exhaustive tests show that pedestrians and road signs can be seen earlier and without the risk of dazzling other drivers.

In addition to an immensely strong passenger safety cell, occupant protection is enhanced by 12 SRS airbags: a dual-stage airbag and knee airbag for the driver; single-stage airbag for the front passenger; centre airbag to reduce contact between the driver and front passenger; side airbags on the front seats and curtain shield airbags that run the full length of both cabin sides.



    Crafted for Luxury grades, this 20-spoke 21” wheel with a striking metallic finish and machined details, endows the new RX with a look of unmistakable distinction. 


    Embracing electrification, our designers undertook the challenge of incorporating the new ‘spindle body’ design identity into the latest RX. This resulted in improved signature grille integration that expresses a sense of electrified power and a low centre of gravity. More compact and sleeker headlights, air intakes and a wider track (15 mm) further consolidate the stable, confident look. Sleeker, sharper and more horizontal 3-projector LED headlights with BladeScan® Adaptive High-beam System (AHS) convey a highly distinctive impression of sophisticated design.


    To the rear, a new Lexus signature blade light, with a distinctive L-shaped lighting design, spans the entire width of the latest RX. This single line taillight underlines the car’s iconic shape, while the wider track (65 mm) emboldens the stance and road presence.

    Creating a modern and easily recognisable new look, the redesigned LEXUS logo is located on the centre of the tailgate. For easy loading and unloading, an exceptionally fast and responsive remote-controlled power tailgate ensures convenience, especially when your arms are full of shopping. With the key in your pocket, simply place your foot under the rear bumper to open the tailgate.

To make the cockpit even more driver-centred, Lexus developed the Tazuna design concept. Taking its name from the Japanese word for ‘reins of a horse’, it focuses on direct yet intuitive control. Information sources such as the multimedia screen, single-dial meter and Head-Up Display are grouped so their content can be read with minimal eye and head movement. The RX designers also sought to create a minimalist, yet intuitive and thoughtful interior space using the highest quality materials. A significant highlight is the availability of a leather-free interior, created in response to growing demand from eco-conscious consumers. On the Comfort grade, not only seats, but also the steering wheel and shift-knob, are covered with high-quality Tahara trim.

With the new Lexus Mood Select feature, you can tailor the RX’s ambient lighting to your own mood, from a palette of 64 colours. Based on our L-finesse design philosophy, Lexus interior designers have developed fourteen colours that express the emotions and feelings felt when witnessing beautiful natural phenomena. The colours aim to provide a spirit of ‘Omotenashi’ hospitality and include themes such as:

  • Healing: Serene hues create a ‘healing’ space in which the energy of the green natural world and the power and dynamism of life coexist
  • Relaxing: Warm hues create a ‘relaxing’ space full of vitality, resonating with the momentary transitions of the sunlight and the heartbeat of the earth
  • Arousing: White tones create an ‘arousing’ space in which invigorating sunlight through the day smoothly awakens the mind
  • Focusing: Mystical cool hues create a ‘focusing’ space for the mind, evoking the passage of time and transient states of the natural world
  • Exhilarating: Pure fire-like tones create an ‘exhilarating’ space for the driver, evoking the process of a flame changing temperature



    The near-silent RX cabin provides the perfect setting for the bespoke new 21-speaker Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound audio. Standard on higher grades and developed by our dedicated audio partner, this exclusive system is optimised for the car’s interior architecture.

    Delivering a peerless 7.1-channel home theatre experience using a new 3D Surround Mark Levinson Surround System and Quantum Logic Immersion, ClariFi analyses the compressed sound source and complements lost data for exceptional sound quality. Enhancing the concert hall experience even further, a 22 cm subwoofer in the luggage compartment produces rich and powerful sound, vividly expressing the atmosphere and contour of the original music.

    *Only available on RX 500h and Luxury grade of RX 450h+ and RX 350h


    For easier driving in confined spaces, the Digital Panoramic View Monitor provides a live 360° view around and pre-recorded view under the car. It also creates a virtual 3D image of your RX, showing the vehicle as if seen from above, with on-screen guides to assist close-quarter manoeuvring and offers the following features:

    • Side Clearance View lets you check the clearance when passing another vehicle on a narrow road.
    • Cornering View helps avoid mounting curbs when cornering.
    • Front Cross Traffic Alert warns of approaching vehicles and obstacles, at the front and sides of the car.
    • Pre-Collision System & Parking Support Brake warns of a possible collision and will even take preventive action.
    • A view under the RX helps you drive on rougher surfaces.

    The RX’s e-Latch electronic entry and exit system is linked to the car’s Blind Spot Monitor. The exclusive Safe Exit Assist function prevents the occupants from opening the door in the event of traffic such as cars or cyclists approaching from the rear. Lexus estimates this system can help prevent more than 95% of the accidents caused by door opening.

Vehicle data is projected in colour directly onto the windscreen. This 10” Head-Up Display lets you check navigation, safety features, information and audio settings without taking your eyes off the road. Operation is easy, thanks to touch switches on the steering wheel.


Experience Amazing with a Lexus test drive, choose a vehicle, location and length of your choice.


Our aim is to make your experience of owning a Lexus car truly amazing. As part of this we offer bespoke services that look after your needs and the needs of your car. These benefits include:

  • 3 year / 100,000 km warranty
  • 3 years Roadside Assitance
  • 5 year Hybrid battery cover
  • Free annual hybrid health check
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