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Whether you are driving on the racetrack or open road, the RC F sports coupé delivers awesome V8 performance.


Sharp and exhilarating, the RC F’s look was inspired by the Lexus RC F GT3 race cars. Developed at our technical centre near Fuji Speedway, the car features an extraordinarily rigid chassis and race-tuned suspension.

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  • Refined styling

    Each part of the RC F is designed to provide racetrack-bred styling and aerodynamic performance in any kind of road or weather conditions.

    Stacked LED lights with integrated daytime running lights, a body coloured rear diffuser and rear integrated taillights offer a clean, chiselled appearance. Triple canards on the front spoiler generate a vortex around the bumper and direct air out of the front wheel housings, contributing to an agile steering feel. Brake ducts on the bumper and side radiator underline the racetrack-bred styling.

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  • Takumi craftsmanship

    To achieve a finer degree of internal polishing on the RC F’s V8 engine, dual arm robots have been developed and taught to mimic the expert skills of a Lexus Takumi craftsperson. For areas the robots can’t reach an abrasive paste containing ultra-fine aluminium particles is used.

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  • Enhanced performance

    Built for exhilarating performance, the RC F is fitted with the most powerful V8 engine Lexus has ever built. Tested at the gruelling Nürburgring 24-hour race and Pikes Peak Hill Climb in Colorado, this naturally aspirated 5.0-litre powerplant resets benchmarks for brute power.

    Weight has been reduced without compromising the coupe’s sense of refinement and solidity. The RC F includes electronic launch control as standard, allowing drivers to achieve 0-to-100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. Specially designed Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres reduce understeer, improve overall lateral grip and increase durability under extreme conditions. Aluminium brackets, hollow shafts, a pared down intake manifold and smaller air conditioning compressor all create a lighter car.

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  • Imaginative technology

    The RC F’s driving instruments represent a further development of the LFA supercar’s amazing central dial. Information shown includes a large tachometer, digital and analogue speed readouts and a Torque Vectoring Differential monitor. In addition, drivers can view the G-Force meter, oil and water temperature gauges, fuel consumption information and even a stopwatch.

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  • Safety

    It’s reassuring to know that you’re driving in one of the safest cars ever built. All RC F models can be equipped with Lexus Safety System +, comprising technologies that help prevent three of the most common accident types: rear-end collisions; lane departures and collisions involving pedestrians.

    When changing lane, the RC F monitors vehicles behind using Blind Spot Monitor, or slows down using Dynamic Radar Cruise Control if the vehicle ahead brakes. The RC F also features Road Sign Assist, which gathers information from road signs. An Automatic High Beam senses vehicles ahead at night and Lane Departure Alert helps when cornering or driving on motorways. The Pre-Collision System uses millimetre-wave radar combined with a camera that can even detect pedestrians, warning when to take appropriate measures.

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  • Track Edition

    The aerodynamic signature of the Track Edition offers better grip and more precise steering. With lighter wheels, carbon ceramic brake rotors and callipers, the Track Edition boasts a significant 25 kg reduction in unsprung weight on the front of the car alone. A red leather interior comes as standard along with Alcantara seat accents and red carbon trim.


Beneath the domed bonnet lies the most potent V8 engine we’ve ever developed. Its sole purpose is to deliver awesome power. Experience the irresistible and addictive sound of the throttle ‘blipping’ between gears, while the Torque Vectoring Differential ensures control at high-speed. The RC F captures the spirit of a true racing coupé.


The model above is not representative of the range.

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