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It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert but 60,000 hours to become a Takumi Master. This unique documentary tells the story of four Takumi Master Craftsmen and their dedication to a life of endless repetition with no short cuts. It explores the question of how the human craft will survive once AI develops beyond our own capabilities.


There is only one route to superior craft, and it takes extraordinary attention to detail They even hide faults and marks onto cars to ensure their workers reach this standard too. From the test drivers who are tested before the road test, to the room where future Takumi train their senses, these films will show why nothing is crafted like a Lexus.

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The practice of ‘guerilla testing’ or hiding marks to test the skills of the team is just one of the ways that the craftsmen at Lexus constantly test and train their skills.


After hours of practice and training Lexus Takumi Master Craftsmen develop almost superhuman senses. Sight that can see marks invisible to the untrained eye, hearing that can tune an engine with surgical precision and a sense of touch that can detect imperfections a fraction of a millimetre.