The tray’s motif was inspired by the Lexus signature grille, and its reversible form allows it to be utilized with either the large or the small surface facing up. Wherever it’s placed, its presence expresses a refined quality unique to wood-turned objects. The process of developing the tray began with designing the form and then making a mold, accurate to 0.1mm. As the tray is turned, the skilled craftsman is in sync with the wood, his sensations heightened as he feels the subtle changes induced by grain, climate and humidity.
Creating the intricate spindle-grill motif requires exceptional skill and years of experience. “I communicate with the wood as it turns,” Momose explains, “keeping my hands in harmony with its movement.” The tray’s deep black coloring, which highlights any objects placed on its surface, was achieved through a tea-dying process that incorporated leaves grown in Shizuoka Prefecture. Because the wood is white ash, the grain and texture are preserved even after dyeing. Finally, a special finish is applied using the glass-coating method, which gives the tray an elegant sheen similar to that of a Lexus. With the Spindle Tray, SEE SEE has created an exquisite, hand-turned artifact that will turn heads wherever you place it.