1. Reliably Number One for Reliability


Fashions come and fashions go, but with each year that passes Lexus reliability remains constant. The lasting quality of its vehicles has been validated yet again with the number one ranking in the annual What Car? Reliability Survey for a seventh time.

  • Lexus named most reliable brand for a seventh time in the UK annual What Car? Survey
  • Lexus scored 98.3% in the survey covering 32 brands and 178 models
  • First generation NX achieved 99.8%, followed by the NX with 99.4%, and the UX with 99.3%


Claire Evans, What Car? consumer editor and the person behind the survey, said the following: "If reliability is your priority, a Lexus model is the best choice. Not only do its models rarely go wrong, but when they do its dealerships resolve all issues swiftly and at no cost to owners. It is the brand that leads the field for dependability."

Almost 22,000 motorists took part in the leading consumer champion and car-buying platform in the UK 2023 study into the cars which perform best and worst when it comes to faults. The results, covering 32 brands and 178 different models up to five years old, showed Lexus achieving an unmatched score of 98.3 per cent, taking into account not just the number of problems experienced, but also how long they took to put right and the cost of repairs.

Lexus excelled in the survey’s categories, most notably in the family SUV class where the first generation NX came top with 99.8 per cent; the all-new, current NX second with 99.4 per cent; and UX third with 99.3 percent. The Lexus RX was placed second among large SUVs on 98.6 percent.  All of these are self-charging hybrid models – the powertrain technology the survey found to be the most reliable and simplest to repair when an issue does arise.

The Lexus IS saloon may no longer be on sale, but owners still appreciate its durability: it topped the executive car class with a 98 per cent score.