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Your safety is our priority. Lexus Safety System + defines a new era in accident prevention, to protect you, your passengers and people in other vehicles and pedestrians from harm. By complementing and reinforcing your driving abilities, Lexus Safety System + enhances your senses to ensure that you always feel confident on the journey ahead.


The road can be unpredictable, for even the most skilled drivers. Explore Active Safety, to discover the smart solutions that we have designed to counteract the most common causes of accidents.



Lexus Safety System + works intuitively and intelligently to support and protect you, for clear perception and confident driving.


Lexus Safety System + represents our latest milestone in car safety. Born from decades of innovation and rigorous investigation into the causes of accidents, Lexus Safety System + addresses the three key areas of accident prevention: frontal collisions, unintended lane departures and night-time accidents, through these five innovative systems.

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  • Pre-Collision System (PCS)

    The Pre-Collision System can detect pedestrians at night and bicycles during daytime. To achieve this, the camera sensitivity and dynamic range have been enhanced to help reduce accidents in the dark, for example, when a pedestrian in front of an oncoming vehicle is difficult to see due to the vehicle’s lights. Furthermore, the millimetre-wave radar detection area angle has been widened, enabling bicycles to be detected. If the system judges that the possibility of a collision is high, the brakes are automatically applied to support collision avoidance, or reduce damage in the event of a collision.

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  • Lane Departure Alert (LDA)

    Lane Departure Alert (LDA) uses a camera in the front windscreen to monitor your position in lane. If you start drifting out of lane, LDA will activate a warning buzzer and give brief corrective steering input.

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  • Lane Tracing Assist (LTA)

    Lane Tracing Assist helps the driver to keep in the centre of the lane. It is also capable of providing assistance when driving around bends with a tighter radius than the previous system. If the system determines that there is a possibility of the Lexus departing from the lane, it will switch to departure prevention control, providing support for returning the car to the centre of the lane.

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  • Automatic High Beam (AHB)

    At night, Automatic High Beam uses the same camera as LDA to detect oncoming vehicles and automatically dip the high beam headlights. This reduces the chance of accidentally dazzling other drivers and lets you concentrate on the road ahead.

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  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)

    The system uses the millimetre-wave radar sensor and a camera to detect the vehicle in front and provide control to maintain an appropriate distance. If the vehicle in front comes to a halt, the system will stop the Lexus. When the vehicle moves off again, the Lexus will start off and continue following. This system reduces the burden on the driver in situations requiring frequent starting and stopping.

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  • Road Sign Assist (RSA)

    The Road Sign Assist (RSA) system recognises traffic signs and provides information to the driver via the multi-information display. When linked to Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, the car’s speed setting can be quickly reset in accordance with the speed limit recognised by RSA. All it takes is the touch of a button. RSA can detect signs that are compliant with the Vienna Convention (including electroluminescent and flashing signs).

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Whether you’re parking up or preparing to change lanes, a skilled driver is always tuned into their environment. Lexus have added intuitive new features that further enhance your awareness of your surroundings.

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  • Blind Spot Monitor

    Radar devices mounted in the rear bumper detect vehicles in adjacent lanes that are not visible in the door mirrors. If the driver is indicating to change lane and a vehicle enters the blind spot, a warning signal appears in the relevant door mirror.

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  • Lexus Parking Assist / Panoramic View Monitor

    The Lexus parking assist monitor** helps you reverse into parking spaces. On the central display it shows a video image of the space into which you are reversing, and overlays guidelines to facilitate you steering the car. For easier driving in confined spaces, the Panoramic View Monitor provides a near-360° view around the entire car. It also creates a virtual 3D picture of your Lexus, with on-screen guides to assist close-quarter manoeuvring in the city.

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  • Adaptive High-Beam System (AHS)

    An adjustable LED Adaptive High-beam System prevents the Lexus from dazzling other road users. Independent LED chips in the headlight are enabled/disabled for precise control of the illuminated and non-illuminated areas.

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For even more advanced driving support, Lexus Safety System +A is available exclusively on the Lexus LS. Building on the five pillars of Lexus Safety System +, our most advanced safety system features world-first technology to enhance the pleasure of driving and diminish the dangers.

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  • Pre-Collision System With Active Steering Assist

    A world first Lexus technology, Pre-Collision System* with Active Steering Assist determines when there is a high possibility of collision with a pedestrian ahead or with an object such as a guardrail. If the system also determines that it is difficult to avoid the collision with brake control alone – but that it might be avoided using steering control – the system assists in collision prevention or damage reduction using Active Steering Assist in addition to activating an alert and applying the brakes.

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  • Lexus CoDrive

    - Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), which maintains the car at a constant cruising speed, and uses acceleration and braking to maintain a fixed distance from the vehicle ahead. In addition, DRCC can adjust speed to the road sign speed limits using Road Sign Assist. Indicator-linked control provides for smooth overtaking while operating with cruise control. When the car is operating under cruise control and the indicator-linked control is operated to signal the intention to overtake a slower car, the system automatically accelerates the LS.

    - Lane Tracing Assist supports steering even in traffic congestion on roads with frequent curves.

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  • Two-Stage Adaptive High-Beam System

    The two-stage Adaptive High-beam System makes driving at night less tiring by automatically controlling the operation of high beam. It uses the front recognition camera located on top of the vehicle to detect light from vehicles in front and automatically optimises the light distribution so that the high beams do not dazzle other drivers. The two-stage system developed for the LS delivers light in an extremely precise way. This allows a higher frequency of high-beam driving without blinding preceding or oncoming vehicles, thus improving visibility and safety at night.

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  • Front Cross Traffic Alert

    The system assists in making driving safer at road intersections by detecting approaching vehicles from the left or right of your vehicle which might be hidden in blind spots, warning the driver via the Head-Up Display and the 12.3-inch display.

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