1. LC Convertible


Whether you’re driving along a sun-soaked coastal highway or over a winding Alpine pass, the Lexus LC Convertible delivers an unmatched level of open top luxury and awesome V8 power.

At Lexus, we have a lot to be proud of. A world leader in automotive design and luxury cars that stand out for their sophistication, quality and award-winning reliability. A brand that embraces the chance to define a new kind of driving pleasure, where each journey radiates confidence, control and comfort. Driving the latest V8-powered LC Convertible, you’ll enjoy a peerless level of personal luxury that’s rooted in the crafted relationship between road, car and driver. It’s time to Experience Amazing.

                                                                                            With the LC Convertible, Lexus designers met the challenge of creating a convertible that is as stunning when the roof is up as when it is down. The athletic silhouette - all lean, poised power - instantly whets your appetite. Then there’s the roar from the naturally aspirated 5.0-litre V8 powertrain. Hand-built and stethoscope-tuned by our famed ‘Takumi’ master craftspeople, this drivetrain powers the LC Convertible up to 270km/h.

  • MICHELIN CHEF DRIVES THE LC CONVERTIBLE                                                                                 

    Read how Lionel Beccat, a Michelin-star chef who values the connection with nature in his cooking, was immediately drawn to the LC Convertible.




  • LC CONVERTIBLE ROAD TRIP                                                                                  
    Discover the endless power and enjoyment of driving the LC Convertible from Seville to Marbella.           



                                                                                            Developed at motorsport events like the Nürburgring 24-hour Race, the LC Convertible’s high-revving 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine delivers 464 DIN hp / 341 kW to the rear wheels. Matched to the world’s first 10-speed automatic transmission, it offers incredible acceleration and an awesome V8 soundtrack. Engineered for durability yet with a lightweight construction, the car reaches 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds. For those wanting to drive to the limit, a new oil cooler is available, whilst an Expert Mode and Sports Brake Override System are fitted as standard. Before delivery, every LC Convertible is track-tested by a Lexus master driver.


    Whatever the road trip, the LC Convertible’s dynamic delights will quickly consume you. The rigid chassis gives the car its exceptional agility, accentuated by the low centre of gravity and near-perfect weight distribution. The LC Convertible’s driving dynamics benefit further from lightweight components, such as the aluminium door and bonnet panels. Strong Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic is used for the doorframes, whilst a strengthened rear drive tunnel gives the car improved precision.


    Located beside the steering wheel, so you can concentrate on the road ahead, Drive Mode Select lets you shift between Eco / Comfort, Normal / Custom, Sport S / Sport S+ modes. Allowing more fun on the road, an incredibly direct and dynamic ‘M’ mode has been adopted for the LC Convertible, enabling you to freely select and hold any gear using the paddle shifters. For a more exhilarating driving sensation, the Drive Mode Select settings have been fine-tuned, delivering increased comfort in ‘Normal’ mode and enhanced control in both ‘Normal’ & ‘Sport’ modes. 

For an even sharper and more refined drive, the optimised Adaptive Variable Suspension controls the damping force of all four shock absorbers in response to your driving style and road conditions – managing an incredible 650 different suspension settings. Enhancing refinement, an optional rear performance damper can be ordered to absorb twisting and small vibrations.

The LC Convertible’s springs have been improved and the drive settings fine-tuned for increased comfort in ‘Normal’ mode and enhanced control in both ‘Normal’ & ‘Sport’ modes. 



                                                                                        Innovative technologies such as Lexus Safety System + that includes a pioneering Pre-Collision System, contribute to the class-leading safety of the latest LC Convertible. Intersection Turn Assist detects oncoming vehicles and crossing pedestrians when turning at an intersection. Safety features such as Lane Keeping Assist help you stay on course, while Automatic High Beam enhances night vision and Road Sign Assist recognises road traffic signs wherever you venture.


    Capable of detecting oncoming vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians during daytime, the Pre-Collision System can now sense pedestrians at night. If the system judges that the possibility of a collision is high, the brakes are automatically applied to support collision avoidance, or reduce damage in the event of a collision. When a vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist is very close to or in your path of travel, Emergency Steering Assist will support your steering movements to enhance the car’s stability and prevent accidental lane departure.


    Dynamic Radar Cruise Control ensures your LC Convertible maintains an appropriate distance from the vehicle in front. If the vehicle in front stops, the system will stop the LC Convertible. When it starts off again, the LC Convertible will start off and continue following. This system reduces the burden on the driver in situations requiring frequent starting and stopping. Meanwhile, Curve Speed Reduction will decelerate your car automatically when it determines the speed is too high for the curve you are negotiating.

The Road Sign Assist (RSA) system on the LC Convertible recognises traffic signs and provides information to the driver in the multi-information display. The car’s speed setting can be quickly reset in accordance with the speed limit recognised by RSA. All it takes is the touch of a button.

Lane Tracing Assist helps you keep the LC Convertible in the centre of the lane. It is also capable of providing assistance when driving around bends with a tight radius. If the system determines that there is a possibility of the vehicle departing from the lane, it will switch to departure prevention control, providing support for returning the vehicle to the centre of the lane.

In addition to an immensely strong LC Convertible passenger safety cell and Active Roll Bars, protection is provided by 6 airbags. The driver and front passenger are protected by 2-stage head airbags, as well as knee and extended side airbags. All seatbelts are specified with pre-tensioners.



    Keeping the flowing roof line of the LC coupé, the LC Convertible’s supporting roof frame is finely concealed and the soft top folds away like a piece of origami. With its bold signature grille and triple LED headlights, the car’s aggressive stance is highlighted by a distinctive beltline, while the sculpted lines and precise detailing right across its alluring body convey a harmony with its surroundings. Available in stunning new colours like Sonic Copper and Sapphire Blue, all elements display an unmistakably dynamic purpose.


                                                                            Graceful in operation, durable to use, Lexus engineers have tested our first-ever soft top to the limit. The roof was strength-tested in the Lexus wind tunnel at speeds up to 400 km/h, then opened and closed no fewer than 18,000 times in desert and Arctic conditions.

    Yet to the naked eye it is a work of performance art that recalls the graceful brush strokes of a Japanese calligrapher, which were its inspiration. Fifteen seconds is all it takes to raise or lower the 4-layer roof, and this can be done even when the car is on the move – at speeds up to 50 km/h.


                                                                                            This ultra-compact LED triple-projector headlight unit allows for an exceptionally short front overhang on the LC Convertible, crucial for high-speed handling. Inspired by the afterburners of jet fighter aircraft, eye-catching tail lights with a sculpted metallic frame project an infinite Lexus ‘L’ motif. Closer inspection reveals the boot lock integrated in the rear light moulding.

To reduce eye movement and potential distraction, all important instruments and displays are positioned close to your view ahead. Controls you use frequently, like Drive Mode Select, are concentrated around the steering wheel. Japanese ‘Takumi’ craftsmanship is everywhere. Take the draping effect of the Alcantara® door panels and the arrangement of the perforations in the leather seat upholstery. Creating a sense of anticipation each time you lower or raise the soft top, the LC Convertible’s open/close roof switch is intentionally located under the palm rest.

Beautifully stitched leather seats offer the best possible combination of support and comfort. LC Chief Engineer Sato himself was involved in developing this new design that went through a total of 50 test cycles. The LC Convertible can also be ordered with figure-hugging sports seats featuring exclusive side bolsters that firmly hold you around fast corners. Expertly upholstered by Takumi craftspeople in a combination of contrasting Alcantara® and genuine leather, as is the exclusive geometric effect on the door panels.



    The latest 12.3” HD touchscreen is one of the largest available today and allows you to smoothly access information like navigation, audio and climate control. Lexus Link Multimedia is intuitive to use, and with Lexus Link Pro using embedded navigation, it is the first system of its kind with cloud navigation to regularly update maps and traffic data.

    Connected services and other software are kept up to date thanks to “Over The Air” (OTA) technology while Artificial Intelligence and the cloud work together in the sophisticated Lexus Voice Assistant app. With Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto®, the LC Convertible allows you to easily display and access your smartphone’s apps on the 12.3" screen, while a further USB Type-A+C has been added.


                                                                                            Welcome to the Lexus Link app, a new world of connectivity created to complement our unique ‘Omotenashi’ service experience. Its smart and bespoke features help you plan a journey, find a parking space, schedule a service or even improve your driving style. Transform your time with the new LC Convertible, using services like:

    • Driving Analytics: Tracks your journeys, driving style and lets you record business trips
    • Find my Car: Locates and guides you back to your Lexus
    • eCare: Lets you manage the service and maintenance of your car
    • Warning Lights: Explains the meaning of each warning light and any action you should take
    • Car status: Notifies you if you’ve left the car windows open or forgotten to switch off the headlights. You can also check if your car is locked

                                                                                          This world-class 13-speaker Mark Levinson® Premium Surround system with GreenEdge™ technology is carefully crafted to the acoustic properties of the LC Convertible’s cabin and even automatically adjusts the sound and speaker settings when you open the roof. Delivering a digital home theatre experience, fidelity is further enhanced by Clari-Fi™ that rebuilds sound lost in MP3 digital compression.

Reducing the need to look away from the road ahead, selected driving data is projected in brilliant colour directly onto the windscreen via our latest Head-Up Display technology (174 mm x 48 mm).

Climate Concierge has been adapted for the LC Convertible to orchestrate the air conditioning, seat and neck heaters and heated steering wheel. True to our ‘Omotenashi’ hospitality ethos, airflow has been increased slightly to warm key areas, such as the back of your hands on the wheel. Climate Concierge also discharges minute nanoe™ X particles, helping inhibit viruses and bacteria on one hand, reducing odours on the other and at the same time moisturising your hair and skin.

For easier driving in confined spaces, the optional Panoramic View Monitor provides a near-360° view around the entire car. It also creates a virtual 3D picture of your LC Convertible, with on-screen guides to assist close-quarter manoeuvring in the city.



For exhilarating performance up to 270 km/h, the LC Convertible is fitted with an awesome 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine and 10-speed automatic transmission. Please select a location and time for a test drive. 


Our aim is to make your experience of owning a Lexus truly amazing. As part of this we offer bespoke services that look after your needs and the needs of your car. These benefits include:


  • 3 year / 100,000 km warranty
  • 3 years Roadside Assistance
  • 5 year Hybrid battery cover
  • Free annual hybrid health check
  • My Lexus & Lexus Link App