1. LM


Created for VIPs and business leaders, the LM 350h chauffeur-driven MPV puts a clear focus on luxury travel.

With ample space in 7-seat or 4-seat ‘Ottoman’ versions, its sumptuous leather seats and exquisitely crafted interior create an exclusive first-class welcome. In the 7-seater, the middle row of seats offers extra luxury, while the 4-seater represents the pinnacle of comfort, with two fully reclining rear airline seats. Travelling in the LM 350h is an experience to cherish, its next-generation hybrid drivetrain delivering 184 kW of super-smooth power. 


    The Lexus LM is our all-new flagship that takes Lexus into a new market segment for ultra-luxurious, chauffeur-driven vehicles.    



    After reaching Brussels Airport in the LM, you can continue your experience in our award-winning lounge. Created in collaboration with Brussels Airlines, we offer unique ‘Omotenashi’ hospitality that anticipates your every need.                                                       


    Here you can discover more about our elite team of Takumi artisans who craft your luxury Lexus LM so it feels, performs and looks like no other minivan.  




    Comfortable as an avant-garde living room yet practical as a mobile office, the 4-seater LM has a uniquely airy lounge feel to it. The hand-stitched leather seats feature armrests with touch control panels and embossed Lexus headrests. Rear seats with smart refresh technology have reading lights and fold-away tables. Ventilated/heated seats are also available in the front and second rows, while sunshades on the doors and windows enhance your comfort and privacy. Your driver can use the overhead control panel to operate the sliding doors and tailgate, providing a sophisticated welcome as guests approach.


    The exclusive four-seat configuration is perfectly suited to the chauffeured needs of the business leader. To the rear you’ll find two high-back, first-class airline seats, ergonomically shaped for superior comfort. As the seats fully recline to fully horizontal beds, the cushions and seatback feature integrated air bladders to massage thighs, back and shoulders, while powered ottoman footrests provide support to the lower legs.

    Meanwhile, Climate Concierge is monitoring your body temperature to control climate, as the ventilated seats draw cooled cabin air through the seat surface, reducing heat and moisture. The power ottoman on the rear seats provides generous support to the lower legs so the occupant can relax in refined and heated comfort. 


    With compartments on the lower partition for hand luggage, fold-away tables in the seat armrests and a storage compartment for your favourite publications or items like tablets, the LM caters for all occupants’ storage needs. Whether winding down or being creative, you’ll appreciate the rear seat entertainment system, with high-resolution, extra-wide screen. Anticipating the desire for a cooling drink, the opportunity to relax and even to celebrate, the 14-litre refrigerator keeps a selection of drinks chilled and close at hand. 

The 4-seater model raises the level of privacy, featuring a bulkhead that separates the front and rear compartments. The upper portion houses a retractable glass window with dimming function, offering two levels of privacy without sacrificing the feeling of airiness. Below is a large 48” widescreen display for the rear seat passengers that can be used for a variety of purposes including online meetings and entertainment with the advanced audio system. The Rear Climate Concierge, a Lexus first that provides integrated control of elements such as air-conditioning, seat position, sunshades and lighting, helps create an optimal cabin environment for passengers. 



                                                                                      The new LM 350h is built on our GA-K platform, extending the wheelbase, but also integrating additional cross members and braces to increase rigidity. This extra strength has allowed Lexus engineers to tune the suspension more accurately, improving both performance and comfort. The wider track and larger wheels also make for a more confident stance and grip.


                                                                                    Giving comfort and confidence in every driving situation, the LM 350h’s Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid seamlessly orchestrates power from a 2.5-litre petrol engine and electric motor(s), delivering 250 DIN hp or 184 kW. The result is acceleration from 0-100 km/h in just 8.7 seconds, alongside outstanding efficiency, with CO2 emissions of 161-167 g/km* and fuel consumption of 7.0-7.4 l/100 km*. And because the system recharges as you drive, coast or brake, you’ll also always enjoy exceptional range.


    The LM 350h’s all-new 2.5-litre petrol engine makes significant advances on its predecessor, achieving a world-class thermal efficiency of 41%. For an incredibly smooth yet responsive drive, the front electric motor, generator and power split mechanism are housed in one sophisticated hybrid transmission. Ultra-compact thanks to its multi-axial arrangement of motor/generator, it delivers the highest efficiency, quietness and performance in class.

Newly developed and sized for the LM 350h, a 4th generation nickel metal hydride battery contributes to both the spacious interior and the excellent performance. The cooling system has also been optimised. Mounted directly above the transaxle, the compact new PCU enables a low-bonnet design which improves aerodynamics and reduces fuel consumption. 

The E-FOUR electric all-wheel drive system available on the new LM 350h is always operational, providing more torque and greater traction. Enabling a substantial hike in performance, the LM’s multi-link rear suspension delivers superior lateral stability and anti-squat characteristics. Capable of handling higher levels of torque, it also substantially reduces noise, vibration and harshness. Specially tuned to enhance drivability and handling around fast corners, Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) controls the damping force on all four wheels.



    The LM benefits from the advanced active safety and driver assistance systems featured in the latest 3rd generation of Lexus Safety System +, with upgraded and additional functions offering increased safety performance. These include Proactive Driving Assist with steering assist and a new Driver Monitor to check drivers for signs of fatigue or distraction. 


    Alongside detecting motorcycles during daytime, the enhanced Lexus Pre-Collision System allows more potential collisions to be avoided, such as at left/right turns, and with cut-in traffic. It can also recognise collision risks with oncoming traffic or crossing pedestrians when making a turn at a junction. The ability to avoid impacts is increased by Emergency Steering Assist.

  • DYNAMIC RADAR CRUISE CONTROL                                                                                                        This system uses a millimetre-wave radar sensor and camera to detect the vehicle in front and maintain an appropriate distance. If the vehicle in front comes to a halt, the LM will stop too. When the vehicle moves off again, you will too. It quickly recognises traffic cutting in front and, in conjunction with Lane Trace Assist*, follows a more natural line through bends. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control will also prevent you from driving inside a slower vehicle driving in the outside lane.

    *Advanced Lane Trace Assist helps keep the LM in the centre of the lane, uses ‘natural lane trace’ functionality and provides assistance when driving around bends.

Upgraded Road Sign Assist (RSA) recognises traffic signs and provides information to the driver via the multi-information display. When linked to Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, the car’s speed can be adjusted according to the speed limit recognised by RSA.

Equipped with our latest Obstacle Anticipation Assist system, the LM’s pioneering new Proactive Driving Assist with Active Driving Assist technology monitors road users and objects ahead, and proactively controls brakes and steering to keep a safe distance from them. Additionally, Deceleration Assist helps you when releasing the accelerator before a bend or preceding vehicle, allowing smoother and safer deceleration. The system also detects curves ahead and adjusts the steering assist force to facilitate safe and precise steering.

The LED-activated AHS (Adaptive High-beam System) uses a monocular camera sensor to detect light from vehicles in front and automatically optimises the headlamp light distribution so that the high beams do not directly illuminate dazzle preceding or oncoming vehicles. AHS reduces driver workload by eliminating the need to turn the high beams on and off and helps provide an excellent field of view while driving at night.



                                                                                        To the front a bold Lexus signature grille is juxtaposed by sharper triple-LED headlights that underline the LM 350h’s eye-catching look. Side on, blacked out pillars emphasise the windows, space and flowing lines. Extra dynamism comes from the LM’s long wheelbase and forged 19” alloy wheels or 17” low-noise wheels.

    To the rear, the single-line Lexus LED signature light and new “LEXUS” badge underline the car’s futuristic road presence. Four exterior colours - Sonic White, Sonic Titanium, Graphite Black and Sonic Agate – elegantly convey the dignity of this car. Left and right glass roofs are available, which enhance the airy feel in the rear seat area.


    The key for the exterior design was to bring next-generation Lexus design to the MPV segment. Here our designers undertook the challenge of incorporating the new Lexus ‘spindle body’ design identity into the new LM. This resulted in improved grille integration that communicates a sense of electrified power and a low centre of gravity for a stable, confident look.


    Sleeker, sharper and more horizontal, these stunning 3-projector LED headlights convey a highly distinctive impression in a simple design. Upper/lower arrowhead signature lamps strengthen the Lexus brand identity whilst fade-in illumination control for daytime running lights creates beautiful light transitions. For the rear combination light, the unique layout consists of an additional bar lamp on top of the L-signature bar lamp, offering excellent visibility and reinforcing the vehicle's class.

Controls for the power sliding doors, integrated in the overhead console, enable the driver to open and close the sliding doors and back door, providing a warm welcome as VIPs approach. Similarly, when you’re carrying the Electronic Key, the LM welcomes you by unlocking and opening the power sliding door on the side you are approaching with one touch of the key or the door handle and closing the door with another touch. A jam protection system helps prevent obstacles getting pinched in the doors. Inspired by Japanese Shoji doors, E-Latch is a switch-activated and powered door system that allows the door open in one graceful movement.

To make the cockpit even more driver-centred, Lexus developed the Tazuna design concept. Taking its name from the Japanese word for ‘reins of a horse’, Tazuna focuses on direct yet intuitive control. Information sources like the multimedia screen, multi-information display, single-dial meter, centralised gauges and Head-Up Display are all grouped so their content can be read with minimal eye and head movement. Likewise, main switches and controls like Drive Mode Select can be easily accessed.



    Driving data from the LM 350h (7-seater) is projected in colour directly onto the windscreen. This 10” Head-Up Display lets you check navigation, safety features, information and audio settings without taking your eyes off the road. Operation is easy, thanks to touch switches on the steering wheel.


    The near-silent LM 350h 4-seater cabin provides the perfect setting for the bespoke new 23-speaker Mark Levinson® Premium Surround Sound audio. Developed with our exclusive audio partners, Mark Levinson, the system is optimised for the car’s interior architecture. Delivering a peerless 7.1-channel home-theatre experience using a new 3D Surround Mark Levinson® Surround System and Quantum Logic Immersion, ClariFi analyses the compressed sound source and complements lost data for exceptional sound quality.

    Enhancing the concert hall experience even further, speakers are arranged on the MPV’s broad ceiling, creating a three-dimensional sound stage. The bulkhead speakers, located above the 48” screen to be closely aligned with your ears, produce rich and powerful sound, vividly expressing the atmosphere of the original music. Finally, a Blu-ray player built into the bottom left side of the partition plays Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and CDs.


    You can charge compatible smartphones or other electronic devices using the inductive wireless battery charger. 50% faster, it is conveniently positioned in the centre console pocket. To keep your devices charged and connected, the LM has up to eight USB sockets. With Android Auto® or wireless Apple CarPlay®, the new LM allows you to easily display and access many of your smartphone’s apps on the 14” touchscreen or 14”/48” rear displays.

Welcome to the Lexus Link app, a new world of connectivity created to complement our unique ‘Omotenashi’ service experience. Its smart and bespoke features help plan a journey, find a parking space, schedule a service or even improve your driving style. Transform your time with the new LM, using services like:


  • Driving Analytics: Tracks your journeys, driving style and lets you record business trips
  • Hybrid Coach: Helps you or your chauffeur drive your LM 350h more efficiently
  • Find my Car: Locates and guides you back to your Lexus
  • Share to Car: Lets you plan a route on another device and send it to your Lexus
  • eCare: Lets you manage the service and maintenance of your LM
  • Warning Lights: Explains the meaning of each warning light and any action that needs to be taken
  • Car status: Sends a notification if the car windows are left open or headlights left on. You or your chauffeur can also check that the car is locked
  • Battery Guard: Monitors the charge level of your car’s 12V battery
  • Remote Control: Remotely defrost the windscreen, activate hazard warning lights or lock and unlock the LM, from the comfort of your home or office

As an LM owner, you enjoy all the benefits of the Lexus Link Premium Connectivity pack. It includes features such as:


  • Cloud-based navigation & Voice Assistant
  • Road Events & Real Time Traffic information
  • On- and off-street parking availability
  • Remote Climate: Remote control of air conditioning


Experience Amazing with a Lexus test drive, choose a vehicle, location and duration of your choice.


Our aim is to make your experience of owning a Lexus car truly amazing. As part of this we offer bespoke services that look after your needs and the needs of your car. These benefits include:

  • 3 year / 100,000 km warranty
  • 3 years Roadside Assistance
  • 5 year Hybrid battery cover
  • Free annual hybrid health check
  • My Lexus & Lexus Link App