1. LX


The LX luxury flagship SUV embodies luxury exclusive to Lexus. Harmonising functionality with elegance, it defines a new kind of driving pleasure by combining a powerful stance and commanding exterior with sophisticated design and contemporary styling.

Whether you’re turning heads in the city or exploring a remote track, the LX luxury flagship SUV earns instant respect: For its striking contemporary styling, sleek quadruple LED headlights and bold signature grille. At the wheel you’ll enjoy exceptional agility and the twin-turbo power of the LX 600 petrol or LX 500d diesel models. The first Lexus LX with a Takumi-crafted VIP grade, Lexus Safety System+ delivers unrivalled passenger protection. 

    Lexus sells luxury SUVs to around 90 global markets and in 2020 passed the 5 million sales milestone with models like the UX, NX, RX, GX and LX.


    On October 13th 2021, at an exclusive event in Moscow, we revealed the LX, created to meet the special demands and lifestyles of our customers.


    The Lexus LX showcases our boldest luxury flagship SUV design yet, twin-turbo V6 powertrains, many advanced technologies and superb performance.



    Created to deliver an exhilarating driving experience, the new Tazuna cockpit was inspired by the way riders guide their horses with reins (‘Tazuna’ in Japanese). Encouraging the driver to concentrate on the road ahead, most controls are clustered in groups and arranged to minimise distraction and the need for posture changes whilst driving.


    As the steering wheel helps transform the driving experience to the next level, LX designers worked closely with our ‘Takumi’ craftspeople to improve this point of contact. To ensure excellent feel, special focus was placed on the wheel’s shape and cross-section. The team also specified leather upholstery to reduce friction and wood grain inserts for a premium feel. Paddle shifters are provided and a heater delivers warmth wherever you grip.


    A front differential lock has been added to the centre and rear differential locks, ensuring excellent traction and handling performance in diverse terrain conditions.

THE LX 600

For maximum enjoyment and refinement, wherever you venture, the LX 600 is fitted with a new 3.5-litre V6 twin-turbo petrol engine that produces powerful low-speed torque and excellent acceleration response. Maximum output is 305 kW (415 DIN hp) and torque is 650 Nm. The car’s flexible 10-speed transmission ensures a composed flagship SUV driving feel, off-road performance and high-speed efficiency.

THE LX 500d

The new LX 500d is equipped with our first ever 3.3-litre V6 twin-turbo diesel engine which achieves a maximum output of 220 kW (299 DIN hp) and maximum torque of 700 Nm, as well as excellent fuel economy. As on the LX 600, the new two-way twin turbochargers with variable nozzles deliver supercharged performance for exhilarating acceleration in all situations with power delivered through a 10-speed transmission. 

The new LX’s AHC suspension, which allows the ride height to be adjusted, now comes with a more comprehensive selection of settings for both off-road and on-road driving. For excellent handling and improved aerodynamics, the Normal height setting has been reduced by 23 mm for a lower centre of gravity. More rewarding to drive, the new system has also halved height adjustment times.

Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) provides improved grip, traction and control. Both shock isolation and a flat ride are achieved on rough road surfaces, enhancing the new LX’s excellent steering response and ride comfort. The AVS actuator has been changed to a highly responsive linear solenoid type with 650 continuously variable levels, making for enhanced ride comfort and a reassuring feel.

A full-time AWD system delivers a high level of rough-road capability and faithful handling during on-road driving. The characteristics of the front, centre and rear differentials have been improved to enhance the response and handling stability.

Excellent cabin rigidity contributes to the new LX’s high level of handling stability in a flagship SUV designed to provide driver and passengers with comfortable quality time, wherever they go. While maintaining a traditional body-on-frame structure to ensure reliability, durability, and driving performance, the LX reinvents itself with a new GA-F platform that is 20% more rigid and substantially lighter.

To support off-road driving the LX is equipped with Multi-Terrain Select which offers six modes: Auto; Dirt; Sand; Mud; Deep Snow and Rock. Here the power, braking and suspension are controlled for each mode.



                                                                                        The new LX comes standard with the latest Lexus Safety System+, which brings a suite of leading-edge safety features to the car, including enhancement of the lens camera and millimetre-wave radar elements to expand the response range. This Lexus Safety System + is now faster, covers more accident cases and feels more natural to use.


    Using light from 12 LEDs projected onto the blades of a circular mirror rotating at 6,000 rpm, and then through a lens, this Lexus world-first helps you recognise pedestrians and road signs more clearly, without dazzling oncoming cars.


                                                                              Standstill BSM uses the same semi-millimetre wave radar to detect approaching vehicles or cyclists, when a door is about to be opened and the LX is parked. If the system judges that there is a possibility of a collision between the door and the approaching cyclist, it alerts the driver.

UP TO 12 AIRBAGS. For class-leading safety performance, up to 12 SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) airbags are positioned to protect all those travelling in your LX. This safety shield includes driver’s seat single stage airbag and knee airbag; front passenger seat knee airbag and dual stage airbag and front side airbags. Extra-long triple chamber curtain shield airbags are provided, which are longer on the 7-seater model. On the VIP grade, seat cushion airbags on both rear seats prevent passengers from sliding forward in a collision. 

The Lexus Link app offers a new world of connectivity created to complement our unique ‘Omotenashi’ service experience. Its bespoke features help you transform your time with the new LX, using services like:

  • Find my Car: Locates and guides you back to your Lexus
  • Driving Analytics: Tracks your journeys, driving style and lets you record business trips
  • Service Reminder: Sends alerts based on your LX’s actual mileage
  • Battery Guard: Monitors the charge level of your car’s 12V battery
  • Accident Assistant: Calls your local dealer for assistance and notifies family or friends in the event of an accident
  • Warning Lights: Explains the meaning of each warning light and any action you should take
  • Service and Maintenance: Book a service online and keep track of your car’s maintenance history



    Exquisite wooden marquetry inspired by the pattern of a hawk feather has been developed for the new LX using century-old cabinet making skills. This new Lexus artwood inlay is created by three veneers layers of wood that are overlayed and then planed three times to bring out the feather pattern. 


    The LX’s new bold signature grille is composed of floating lateral bars that form a three-dimensional spindle shape that is designed to deliver enhanced cooling to the twin-turbo powerplant. For a luxurious look, upper and lower bumpers are finished in body colour paint.


    Expressing a powerful, aggressive look, the LX’s newly designed headlights comprise a compact 3-projector LED unit, BladeScan® Adaptive High-beam System and L-shaped daytime running light.

For enhanced quietness, acoustic glass has been adopted for the windscreen and front and rear door windows. In addition, foam type insulation material has been used inside the cabin and a cabin floor silencer with integrated noise-absorbing felt installed. Insulation material has also been fitted behind the instrument panel, reducing engine and air conditioning noise.

The VIP grade offers the rear right-hand side passenger a 48° reclining seat with ottoman footrest, providing a relaxed posture superior to competing models. Supporting pelvis and thighs, while shoulder bolsters allow smooth arm movement, the central back section is concave, contributing to excellent holding performance. With a total of seven massage functions, you can apply comforting pressure to your entire body. You can also keep your shoes on because the adjustable ottoman footrest is upholstered in stain-resistant synthetic leathers.

In addition to comfort features such as sunshades on the windows and special reading lights, the VIP grade boasts exclusive ceiling air conditioner vents, providing a shower-like air function for comfortable cooling of rear occupants. Additional air conditioning vents on the base of the rear seat blow out a warm air curtain. 

Exclusive to the VIP grade, these 22” forged wheels are precisely machined and boast a premium metallic coating.

With a solid yet luxurious design, these door mirrors incorporate advanced features such as a Blind Spot Monitor, Digital Panoramic View Monitor and puddle illumination that projects the Lexus logo.

The new LX has a lightweight aluminium alloy roof, which delivers a substantial weight reduction of around 10 kg. With roof rails fitted as standard, the lighter roof contributes to handling stability by lowering the car’s centre of gravity. The LX can be fitted with an electric, tilt and slide glass sunroof, creating a feeling of spaciousness and light.

Lexus signature L-shaped rear lights feature a sharply distinctive design. For a stunning effect, the lights flow around the shoulders of the car and into the rear silhouette. 

The new rear LEXUS logo conveys a simple, modern and easily recognisable appearance



    Featured for the first time on a Lexus, the LX’s fingerprint authentication start button is not only convenient but also helps reduce vehicle theft. Operating just like a conventional engine start-stop switch, pre-registered fingerprints are used for authentication. In addition to engine starts, the system will set the driving position for up to 10 drivers.


    The LX’s Digital Rear-view Mirror displays images from a camera at the rear of the SUV. This 2nd generation system features a lighter bezel, wider view and reduced blind spots. It also enhances your view when the rear seats are occupied, the luggage space is loaded to the roof, or weather and visibility are poor.


    Providing excellent readability of driving data, the stylish 8” colour TFT (Thin Film Transistor) features a metallic ring graphic. In addition to the central digital meter, four analogue needle meters (water temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, voltmeter, fuel gauge) have been fitted to express genuine SUV functionality. Central meter is digital, not analogueA front differential locks has been added to the centre and rear differentials, ensuring excellent traction and handling performance in diverse terrain conditions.

The new LX features the first Lexus dual display with 12.3” upper and 7” lower screens. This high-resolution wide touchscreen display combines excellent operability with clear images and easy operation. Designed to inform yet not distract, the 12.3” display shows navigation, audio controls and serves as the Multi-Terrain Monitor for off-road driving. 

The lower 7” touchscreen displays air conditioning settings (temperature, airflow volume, vents, seat heaters, seat ventilation, steering wheel heater) and acts as a support screen for Multi-Terrain Select. Additionally, its shows AWD transfer range, differential lock ON/OFF status and lets you adjust vehicle height too. 

This high-brightness colour HUD projects key information and warnings within the driver’s field of view at the bottom of the windscreen. The display’s backlit TFT (Thin Film Transistor) realizes a brighter image and excellent readability, even when driving in snow.

On 7-seat models, ‘multi-seat auto arrange’ seats let you fold the second and third rows at the touch of a button, smoothly creating a larger luggage space. Double third row seats fold completely flat, making for a spacious and uncluttered luggage compartment. 

You and your passengers can connect to a wide array of devices for business or pleasure inside the LX:

  • DC 12V socket and two USB ports in the front row and on the front console’s end panel
  • Wireless charger fitted to the front console’s upper tray
  • Two headphone sockets and an HDMI port come with the RSE system
  • Two USB charging ports for third-row seat occupants (left and right)
  • AC 220 V socket fitted in the luggage space

A cool box is available in the centre console. Even with the mid-level tray in place, 500 ml and 1500 ml bottles can be stored. For smooth access to refreshments, the pop-up, two-way lid can be opened from either the front or second row seats.

Operated by the 7” display, Lexus Climate Concierge orchestrates the seat heater, steering wheel heater and seat ventilation to create a sublime cabin climate. For excellent comfort and fuel economy, S-Flow Climate Control can detect which seats are occupied or where the sun is and regulate the climate accordingly. Climate Concierge also discharges Nanoe™ X particles, helping inhibit viruses and bacteria*, reducing odours** and moisturising your hair and skin.

* More than 99% virus and bacteria inhibition by 1 hour exposure of nanoe™ X. Japan Food Research Laboratories, Report No. 20073697001-0101, 15038623001-0101:

** Odour intensity reduced more than 1.8 by 1 hour exposure of nanoe™ X. Panasonic Corporation Product Analysis Center, Report No. BAA33-150318-M35

The 25-speaker Mark Levinson® reference 3D surround system delivers amazing acoustic quality. To achieve realistic live sound, extensive acoustic engineering has been performed on each cabin style. For a concert hall experience the system layout has nine 10 cm integrated tweeter/mid-range UnityTM speakers. Additionally, for rich playback, 4 cm Array speakers are installed in the cabin ceiling.

Incorporating right and left palm rests for extra comfort, the wide rear console features dual air conditioning controls. With a wireless charger located in the panel, opening the notepad table allows access to cup holders. USB ports, an HDMI socket, headphone jacks and a 12V DC power outlet are provided, together with a small storage tray. Additionally, the rear console box can be used for storing your travel essentials and comfort items.

Our first ever VIP luxury grade comes with a Rear Seat Entertainment System (RSE) for each second-row passenger, allowing guests to enjoy movies and games in peerless comfort. The large 11.6” FHD (full high definition) LCD screens with anti-reflective coating provides an amazingly crisp high-definition picture. The front passenger seat features a ‘front slide mode’ to increase the rear seat space whilst the RSE display can be folded down to enhance visibility. 

To reduce weight, aluminium alloy has replaced steel in the tailgate. The tailgate’s remote-control function is very convenient when your arms are full with shopping. With the key in your pocket, place your foot under the rear bumper to open or close the tailgate.

The LX’s Multi-Terrain Monitor uses four cameras to help the driver see around the vehicle. Our world-first Back Underfloor View even lets you check underfloor conditions and front-wheel position.


Take control and explore the LX for yourself with our unique experience where you choose the journey that feels right for you.