1. NX


Striking looks, combined with electrified hybrid or plug-in hybrid performance, make the NX feel like no other luxury SUV.

Inside, feel the ‘Tazuna’ driver-centric cockpit, ergonomic instruments and 14” touch display. For a more adventurous and outdoor look, the new NX Overtrail grade has, amongst other things, more ground clearance and 18” matt black wheels with all-terrain tyres.

* ‘Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid’ and ‘Lexus Plug-in Hybrid’ combine a petrol engine and one or more electric motors.


    Read how the NX 450h plug-in hybrid benefits from the Lexus home charging station and the pan-European charger network accessed by the Lexus Link app.                                                                                                                                        


    Thanks to its new Lexus Safety System +, the Lexus NX delivers class-leading safety performance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


    September 2023, Lexus was named most reliable brand for a seventh time in the UK annual What Car? survey. Lexus scored 98.3% in the survey of 32 brands and 178 models. The latest NX achieved 99.4%.





    Boasting the most advanced Lexus Plug-In Hybrid* and Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid* powertrains ever built, the NX is more economical and efficient than petrol- or diesel-powered mid-size SUVs. The product of nearly 20 years of experience in pioneering electrification, the Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid supplies the NX 350h with more power and acceleration combined with excellent economy and low emissions.

    The NX 450h+, sets the standard for plug-in hybrid smoothness and sophistication. It’s not just the urban range in EV mode, the 309 DIN hp of power and rapid acceleration that impress. It’s the exceptional hybrid efficiency when the battery is depleted, with no sacrifice in boot space or fuel tank capacity. This is a car that redefines the plug-in hybrid.

    * ‘Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid’ and ‘Lexus Plug-in Hybrid’ combine a petrol engine and one or more electric motors.


                                                                                      Located conveniently near the steering wheel, Drive Mode Select allows drivers to choose between Eco, Normal and Sport modes, to maximise the car’s efficiency, dynamism and refinement. The NX F SPORT features additional Custom, Sport S and Sport S+ modes whilst the NX Overtrail has a new Trail Mode for bumpy tracks.


                                                                                          Built on our much-acclaimed Global Architecture K-platform, the NX delivers many dynamic improvements, including enhanced grip and responsiveness. A wider tread and a lower centre of gravity result in superb handling and stability. Thicker dashboard silencing improves the noise insulation. In search of refinement and reduced understeer, Lexus engineers specified laser screw welding, adhesive bonding, roof reinforcements, twin bonnet locks and high-tensile steel strengthening. To save weight, aluminium was used for the wings and bonnet. Finally, Lexus ‘Takumi’ drivers drove lap after lap at our Shimoyama test track to fine-tune the NX steering and brakes.

For sporting activities or just enjoying the great outdoors, the NX Overtrail features a bespoke suspension set up with 15 mm more ground clearance for negotiating bumpy roads.

To allow for a spacious cabin with 500 litres of luggage space and a low centre of gravity, the NX 450h+’s powerful 18.1 kW lithium-ion battery is installed under the cabin floor. This battery pack uses 96 high-capacity lithium-ion battery cells, achieving a combined range of 74 km (97 km in the city) in EV mode. Developed for the NX 350h and installed under the rear seats, a smaller lithium-ion battery contributes to both the spacious interior and a refined drive. Whilst its lightweight lithium-ion cells improve charging performance, their compactness and cooling system have been optimised.

On All-Wheel Drive models, E-FOUR delivers seamless performance and confident traction over rougher terrain and in poor conditions. The innovative E-FOUR drivetrain features the addition of a 54 DIN hp electric motor mounted on the rear axle, which supplies instant torque on demand.



                                                                                      The feeling of well-being, which is at the heart of every Lexus, is raised to new levels and is standard on the NX. All NX models are equipped with our latest Lexus Safety System + that is faster and covers 36% more accident cases. It’s like having your own co-pilot, keeping you safe in every driving situation, be it in city traffic or on the motorway, in daytime or at night, at intersections, on bends or during lane changes, with technology that defines a new era in accident prevention.

    The NX also assists in making driving safer at intersections by detecting approaching vehicles from left or right which might be hidden in blind spots and warns the driver. 


    As well as detecting cyclists during daytime and pedestrians at night, the Pre-Collision system can now detect cyclists at night and will help prevent collisions at junctions and with oncoming vehicles and pedestrians. If the system judges that the possibility of a collision is high, the brakes are automatically applied to support collision avoidance, or reduce damage in the event of a collision. When a pedestrian is very close to or in your path of travel, Emergency Steering Assist on the NX will support your steering movements to enhance the car’s stability and prevent accidental lane departure.


                                                                                      The system uses the millimetre-wave radar sensor and a camera to detect the vehicle in front and maintain an appropriate distance. If the vehicle in front comes to a halt, the NX will stop too. When the vehicle moves off again, the NX will start off again. This system now features earlier detection of vehicles cutting in and automatically adjusts speed around bends.

    Dynamic Radar Cruise Control will also prevent you from driving inside a slower vehicle in the outside lane. And when following a slower vehicle, preliminary acceleration will be applied when you indicate to overtake. When changing into a lane where there is a slow vehicle in front, preliminary deceleration will be applied.

The upgraded Lane Trace Assist helps keep the NX in the centre of the lane using ‘lane centering’ and ‘natural lane trace’ functionality. With improved curve management, it also provides assistance when driving around bends. On motorways, with activation of the turning signal as a cue, Lane Change Assist allows the NX to perform a driver-initiated lane change using Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. Monitoring the road ahead, it controls steering, acceleration and deceleration. 

Inspired by the grace of Japanese Shoji doors, the NX’s E-Latch switch-activated door release system allows your door to open in one smooth movement. Making its debut on the NX is e-Latch with Safe Exit Assist, that features electronically activated door locks which, in combination with Blind Spot Monitor, are automatically prevented from opening in the case of traffic approaching from behind.

In addition to an immensely strong passenger safety cell, occupant protection is enhanced by eight advanced airbags: Dual-stage airbag and knee airbag for the driver; Single-stage airbag for the front passenger; Centre airbag to reduce contact between the driver and front passenger; Side airbags on the front seats and curtain shield airbags that run the full length of both cabin sides.



    For the latest NX, our designers were determined to create a powerful look. A more dynamic grille, with an integrated frame, has been developed. As well as contributing to weight reduction, the design emphasises the car’s dynamic impression. For an intriguing mesh pattern, slender U-shaped components were crafted. Finally, the vertical design of the grille, in combination with triple slits at the bottom, provides enhanced cooling performance.


    These stunning 4-projector LED headlights feature a black surround that conveys a highly distinctive impression. The light is highlighted by the Lexus Signature L-shaped Daytime Running Lights (DRL).


    To the rear, a stylish Lexus signature blade light, with a distinctive L-shaped lighting design, spans the entire width of the NX. Creating a modern look, the redesigned LEXUS logo is located at the centre of the vehicle.

The bold Lexus signature grille has an exclusive gloss black paint finish that accentuates the NX Overtrail’s rugged looks. Bold black door mirrors and handles, dark chrome side window frame mouldings and Piano Black roof rails add further to the Overtrail’s unique character. Exclusive on Overtrail models and finished in Matt Black paint, these distinctive 18” 5-spoke alloys come with all-terrain tyres.

The striking ‘Tazuna’ concept that was first showcased on the LF-30 design study has been introduced on the NX. Created to deliver an exhilarating driving experience by maximizing your contact with the road ahead and steering wheel in your hands, the NX cockpit was inspired by the way riders are connected to their horses through reins (Tazuna).

As the steering wheel and gearshift can significantly affect the driving experience, designers worked together with a Lexus ‘Takumi’ to thoroughly refine these points of contact. For the steering wheel, special focus was placed on the shape and cross-section to give an excellent feel and enhanced steering stability. The thumb rests and touch-sensitive switches were also redesigned.

With the Lexus Mood Select feature, you can tailor the NX’s ambient lighting to your own mood, from a palette of 64 colours. Based on our L-finesse design philosophy, Lexus interior designers have developed fourteen colours that express the ephemeral emotions and feelings felt when witnessing beautiful natural phenomena. The colours aim to provide a spirit of ‘Omotenashi’ hospitality and include themes such as:


  • Healing: Serene hues create a ‘healing’ space in which the energy of the green natural world and the power and dynamism of life coexist
  • Relaxing: Warm hues create a ‘relaxing’ space full of vitality, resonating with the momentary transitions of the sunlight and the heartbeat of the earth
  • Arousing: White tones create an ‘arousing’ space in which invigorating sunlight through the day smoothly awakens the mind
  • Focusing: Mystical cool hues create a ‘focusing’ space for the mind, evoking the passage of time and transient states of the natural world
  • Exhilarating: Pure fire-like tones create an ‘exhilarating’ space for the driver, evoking the process of a flame changing temperature

An exclusive Tahara interior, featuring distinctive Khaki accents on the door trims, front console and upholstery, is available on the Overtrail grade. Front sports seats and newly developed Bookmatch Woodgrain inlays give the cabin a very special feel.

A practical 60:40 split folding rear seat comes standard on all NX models, which allows easy stowage of larger items like racing bikes or surfboards. With all rear seats folded down there is room to carry bulky objects.



    Much faster and easier to use, the NX offers improved resolution on both the Lexus Link Connect with cloud navigation and Lexus Link Pro with embedded hybrid navigation (14” touchscreen). Lexus Link Multimedia is the first system of its kind to use cloud navigation to regularly update your maps and traffic data. Perfectly positioned for relaxing interaction while you drive, this 14" HD touchscreen is one of the largest available and allows you to access information like navigation, audio and climate control.

    Connected services and other software on the NX are regularly updated using “Over The Air” technology, meaning you’ll always have the latest connected experience.


    Artificial Intelligence and the cloud work together in the clever Lexus Voice Assistant, which spares you grappling with buttons while you’re concentrating on the road ahead. This “Hey Lexus” voice assistant understands natural language and the context of statements such as “I’m hungry” or “I’m cold” and can even recognise which front passenger is speaking. You can also customise your trigger name or ask the Lexus Voice Assistant to perform tasks like opening a window.


    An exceptionally fast and responsive remote-controlled tailgate ensures convenience, especially when your arms are full of shopping. With the key in your pocket or bag, simply place your foot under the rear bumper to open or close the tailgate.

Vehicle data is projected in colour directly onto the windscreen. This larger 10-inch Head-Up Display lets you check navigation, safety features, car information and audio settings without taking your eyes off the road ahead. Its operation is seamless, thanks to touch switches on the steering wheel.

You’re feeling pampered, and so are your passengers. The comfort and spaciousness of the NX interior carries the unmistakable feel of a business lounge, the perfect auditorium for the standard 10-speaker or Mark Levinson® 17-speaker Premium Surround sound systems. Exploiting the acoustic properties of the NX, these systems offer a memorable home theatre experience in your car. The performance is made all the more pleasurable by S-Flow climate control, which, recognising which seats are occupied or where the sun is shining, adjusts the interior climate accordingly.


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Our aim is to make your experience of owning a Lexus car truly amazing. As part of this we offer bespoke services that look after your needs and the needs of your car. These benefits include:

  • 3 year / 100,000 km warranty
  • 3 years Roadside Assitance
  • 5 year Hybrid battery cover
  • Free annual hybrid health check
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