1. UX 300e


Delivering an exhilarating all-electric drive, this breakthrough Lexus compact SUV refuses to compromise on luxury and enjoyment. Creating a uniquely smooth and quiet experience for driver and passengers, just drive our latest UX 300e and you’ll know what we mean.

Created to evoke the original fun of driving in the city, the all-electric UX 300e combines world-class Lexus refinement with an exciting Lexus Electrified experience.  

    The UX 300e SUV pioneered the next chapter of electrification at Lexus.   



    As a measure of our confidence in the UX 300e’s battery technology, we are offering a 10-year (or 1 million km) EV Battery Extended Care scheme.


    On the latest Lexus UX 300e, an updated battery system increases driving range by more than 40% up to 450 km – enough to travel from Brussels to Frankfurt for instance, or from Nice to Florence on one charge.         

    Electric range figures are estimates and actual range can vary depending on factors such as selected grade, battery temperature, driving style, speed, road conditions, traffic, vehicle conditions, tyre type (summer/winter) and pressure, vehicle load, number of passengers and accessories fitted (post registration).        



                                                                                     The rear combination light on the UX 300e has an advanced design that is not only eye-catching but also aerodynamically efficient. Fins are integrated into the light to reduce air pressure changes by about 16 per cent, contributing to excellent rear stability during cornering as well as in sidewinds. 


                                                                                      The UX 300e delivers agile handling and pure, direct acceleration, giving you a greater sense of confidence and control. With its low centre of gravity and all heavier components concentrated at the middle of the car, cornering enjoyment is enhanced. For class-leading steering precision and driving refinement, the UX 300’s GA-C platform has been stiffened by the extra rigidity of the underfloor battery and cross members.



     For higher output and driving range, the UX 300e features a compact new PCU, with all components engineered to handle the large currents associated with a BEV. Ensuring a refined drive under all conditions, the PCU delivers smooth acceleration even when your accelerator pedal operations are slightly erratic.

    Tailored to the needs of urban drivers, the lithium-ion battery is sized to deliver an exciting balance of optimal range and dynamic driving performance. As a measure of our confidence in this latest battery technology, we’re offering a 10-year (or 1 million km) EV Battery Extended Care scheme on all functional defects of the main battery pack and capacity degradation below 70% (provided that the regular health checks are executed through the Lexus network).

The UX 300e’s new 150 kW electric motor/generator not only powers the car’s front wheels but uses ‘regenerative braking’ to produce electricity when you’re braking or coasting. One of the most sophisticated and compact motors of its kind, it is both powerful and incredibly efficient.

For engaging performance in situations such as frequent stop-start driving in the city and when navigating winding roads, the UX 300e’s deceleration can be adjusted in four levels using the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. Another point of interaction is the finely crafted drive selector. Replacing the conventional gearshift, it fits snugly in your palm and applies our latest ‘shift-by-wire’ technology to create a premium feel for controlling Reverse, Neutral and Drive.



                                                                                     The UX 300e benefits from the advanced active safety and driver assistance systems featured in the latest generation of Lexus Safety System +. These include a Driver Monitor that checks drivers for signs of fatigue and Proactive Driving Assist, which prepares brakes and steering to keep a safe distance from other road users and objects.  Even when you reach your destination, other road users are cared for too: Safe Exit Assist gives a warning to prevent occupants (front and rear) from opening their door in the event of traffic such as cars or cyclists approaching from the rear.


    Outstanding results in EuroNCAP for ‘vulnerable road user protection’ are a tribute to the acclaimed Lexus Safety System + (standard on every UX).

    The enhanced Lexus Pre-Collision System allows more potential collisions to be avoided, such as at left/right turns and cut-in traffic. Should you try to avoid a pedestrian when a collision is imminent, Emergency Steering Assist will support your steering movements to enhance the UX 300e’s stability and prevent accidental lane departure.


    This system uses a millimetre-wave radar sensor and camera to detect the vehicle in front and maintain an appropriate distance. If the vehicle in front comes to a halt, the UX 300e will stop too. When the vehicle moves off again, you will too. It quickly recognises traffic cutting in front and, in conjunction with Lane Tracing Assist, follows a more natural line through bends. Road Sign Assist (RSA) recognises traffic signs and provides you with valuable information. When linked to Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, your car’s speed can be adjusted according to the limit recognised by RSA.

The optional Adaptive High-beam System (AHS) helps prevent the UX 300e from dazzling other road users. AHS uses a camera sensor on top of the windscreen to detect light from vehicles in front and automatically optimises the headlamp light distribution so as not to directly illuminate preceding or oncoming vehicles. Eleven independent LED chips in the headlights are enabled/disabled for precise control of the illuminated and non-illuminated areas.



                                                                                      The biggest challenge for the Lexus designers responsible for the UX 300e was to create a fun-to-drive all-electric luxury compact SUV based on the stunning Lexus UX. And from first glance, this is every inch a UX. The bold signature grille, the triple-projector LED headlights and L-shaped Daytime Running Lights that display a Lexus signature arrowhead, the sculpted lines, space inside and aerodynamic wheel arches. Now available in head-turning Sonic Copper, the UX 300e entices more than ever. Its dynamic, lean look emphasised by sporty 18” alloys, this is an electric car without compromise.


                                                                                   Roof rails made from solid aluminium create an appealing shape that runs smoothly and seamlessly along the UX 300e roofline. An electric, tilt and slide, glass sunroof adds a feeling of freedom, spaciousness and light to the UX 300e cabin.

  • DRIVER-FOCUSED COCKPIT / HEAD-UP DISPLAY                                                             

    To create a feeling of seamless continuity, for the UX 300e our designers sought to eliminate the traditional boundary between the exterior and interior. The UX 300e also features a ‘seat-in-control’ concept that focuses major controls around the driver’s side of the cabin. Witness how vehicle data is projected in colour directly onto the windscreen on a Head-Up Display, measuring 260 mm x 97.5 mm. As our first all-electric Lexus, we've included our digital speedometer to create a sporty look, as well as a driving range indicator and four-level deceleration indicator.

Standard on Premium and Luxury grade models, front and rear heated seats provide maximum comfort and relaxation in colder conditions. Offering an amazing level of luxury for this class of vehicle, the 3-spoke steering wheel on the new UX 300e was adopted from the LS flagship sedan. For extra driving comfort, the grip profile was crafted and perfected by recording the pressure on the palms of our ‘Takumi’ master driver. As you’d expect from Lexus, a leather-free interior is now available with a perforated Tahara option in White Ash, Black and Hazel.

The UX is the first Lexus model to offer cabin trim inspired by the grain of a paper, known as ‘washi’, which is used in traditional Japanese sliding doors. The smooth leather upholstery available on the UX 300e is inspired by ‘sashiko’, a traditional Japanese quilting technique which is also used in the making of martial arts uniforms. The quilted leather forms mathematical curves and gradations in perfect alignment, enhancing the appearance of the seats.



    For convenient loading and unloading, the UX 300e is available with a hands-free power tailgate. This can be opened and closed by moving your foot in front of a sensor located underneath the rear bumper while you are carrying the smart key. One less thing to misplace, the secure and convenient Smart Digital Key integrates all Lexus smart key functions into the Lexus Link + app on your smartphone. This feature lets you smoothly unlock/lock and start your car and can be shared between up to five people.


                                                                                  Improved sound insulation and road noise damping makes your in-car musical experience more enriching than ever. Delivering 915 watts of power, the UX 300e’s 13-speaker Mark Levinson® Premium Surround Sound system produces world-class sound. The ideal design was pursued for every electrical component in the system to deliver a total harmonic distortion (THD, an indicator of signal distortion) of 0.1% or less. The system includes a 150 W / 4 Ω x 12-channel (8 channels used) Class D amplifier. This unit’s ample power allows it to drive large speakers accurately, creating clear, powerful sound.


    Faster and easier to use, with improved resolution on both the 8" (Lexus Link Connect with cloud navigation) and large 12.3" touchscreens (Lexus Link Pro with embedded navigation), Lexus Link Multimedia uses cloud navigation to regularly update your maps and traffic data. To enhance your navigation experience, services such as online traffic, parking search, parking station search, weather forecast, and Google Search are available.

    For enhanced connectivity in the UX 300e, wireless Apple CarPlay® and wireless Android Auto®, allows you to easily access your smartphone’s apps on the screen. traffic, weather forecasts, parking and petrol station search are available. The latest UX 300e now has an optional new 12.3” fully digital instrument screen. The layout and prominence of the meters and information change according to the drive mode selected and can also be customised.

The Lexus Link app offers a new world of connectivity created to complement our unique ‘Omotenashi’ service experience. Its smart and bespoke features help you plan a journey, find a parking space, schedule a service or even improve your driving style. Transform your time with the UX 300e, using services like:


  • Driving Analytics: Tracks your journeys, driving style and lets you record Business trips
  • Find my Car: Locates and guides you back to your Lexus
  • eCare: Lets you manage the service and maintenance of your UX 300e
  • Warning Lights: Explains the meaning of each warning light and any action you should take
  • Car status: Notifies you if you’ve left the car windows open or forgotten to switch off the headlights. You can also check if your car is locked
  • Battery Guard: Monitors the charge level of your car’s 12V battery
  • Fast and intuitive to use, Lexus Link offers innovative EV services like:
  • Remote control of charging.
  • Remote control of air conditioning.
  • Access to extensive European network of public charging facilities. Lets you check charging station availability, charging speed and price per kWh.

Working hand in hand with the Battery Cooling System, Climate Concierge intelligently manages the interior environment of your UX 300e according to ambient conditions, ensuring excellent comfort and reduced power consumption. The S-Flow system can, for example, detect if seats are occupied, and regulate the climate accordingly. Climate Concierge also discharges minute nanoe™ X particles, helping reduce odours on the other and at the same time moisturising your hair and skin.


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