1. RZ


With its electrifying ‘spindle body’ design and pioneering technology, the all-electric RZ 450e is new from the ground up. Behind the Takumi-crafted steering wheel the feeling is a personal one, as if fine-tuned for you alone.

Experience how extreme rigidity, low centre of gravity and pioneering DIRECT4 traction gives this luxury SUV exhilarating acceleration and ultra-sharp handling. Offering up to 440 km of range, you can fast-charge it in around 30 minutes, whilst benefitting from class-leading battery lifetime and efficiency.

    Embrace features on the RZ 450e that combine innovation with safety for you, your passengers, and other companions on the road.                                                                     


    Find out how the Lexus RZ 450e’s design was inspired by a cheetah.                                                                                                                                                                                        


    Discover advanced new world-first technologies like a forthcoming steer-by-wire system with steering yoke (available 2025) and e-Axles with DIRECT4 drive control.                                     



    The RZ 450e is the first Lexus Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) developed from the ground up. The quality and characteristics of its new platform are the foundation for delivering the Lexus Driving Signature. The new e-TNGA platform is incredibly strong, with the battery unit integrated into the chassis, beneath the cabin.

    This also helps lower the car’s centre of gravity, which in turn secures better balance, handling, and response. High-strength materials and metals are used, with advanced construction processes to ensure exceptional strength, while keeping weight down.

    Not a vehicle that simply adopts battery electric power in place of a conventional engine; it goes much further to realise the exciting potential of new technologies that enhance performance and driving pleasure. With its zero-emission performance, the RZ will help us progress towards carbon neutrality and a sustainable society.


    The Lexus e-Axle is a compact, modular package which consists of a motor, gearing and an ECU, located between the driven wheels. On the RZ 450e they are used front and rear and operate in conjunction with the DIRECT4 all-wheel drive control system to adjust posture, traction and power distribution. The e-Axles are quiet, efficient and deliver precise power. The front motor produces 150 kW and the rear 80 kW, giving a total power output of 230 kW. Their compact dimensions also contribute to the car’s packaging, helping secure more space in the cabin and load compartment.


    The RZ 450e features the new DIRECT4 drive control system, working with the two e-Axles. DIRECT4, an exclusive Lexus technology, is an intelligent system that constantly balances the traction to front and rear axles, automatically and seamlessly distributing drive force. The result is stress-free performance and stable handling, with intuitive operation strengthening the sense of connection between driver and machine. The front/rear torque bias can be adjusted from zero to 100 or 100 to zero in milliseconds – faster than any mechanical system. With enhanced communication between the road and steering wheel (or yoke), DIRECT4 also improves steering response.

Delivering enhanced dynamic performance, the optional One Motion Grip steer-by-wire system with steering yoke, is another Lexus world-first on the new RZ 450e.

*One Motion Grip design not final. Introduction foreseen as from 2025.

The RZ 450e uses a lithium-ion battery in a stack comprising 96 cells, with a total output of 71.4 kWh. The battery is located beneath the cabin and forms an integral part of the platform. Its position also contributes to the car’s low centre of gravity. A range of 440 km in the combined WLTP cycle is possible, while the battery can be fast charged without compromising safety or service life, 150 kW power providing an 80% charge in around 30 minutes. The RZ’s class-leading efficiency is not only due to the outstanding battery quality; world-class aerodynamics and electric motors play their part. As a development target, the battery of our full electric RZ will retain at least 90% of its capacity after 10 years of usage. Durability is industry-leading and supported by our 1 million km extended battery care programme. The RZ 450e also has an effective heating system that optimises battery performance and range, even in sub-zero temperatures.



    The RZ 450e benefits from the advanced active safety and driver assistance systems featured in the latest third generation of Lexus Safety System + with upgraded and additional functions offering increased accident risk detection. Further advances introduced with the new RZ 450e include Proactive Driving Assist with steering assist and a new Driver Monitor to check drivers for signs of fatigue or distraction. Additionally, Proactive Driving Assist uses the front camera to determine the angle of a bend, adjusting the steering appropriately when approaching and making a turn.


    Alongside detecting motorcycles during daytime, the Lexus Pre-Collision System allows more potential collisions to be avoided, such as at right / left turns, and with cut-in traffic. It can also recognise collision risks with oncoming traffic or crossing pedestrians when making a turn at a junction. The ability to avoid an impact is increased by Emergency Steering Assist.


    This system uses the millimetre-wave radar sensor and a camera to detect the vehicle in front and maintain an appropriate distance. If the vehicle in front comes to a halt, the RZ 450e will stop too. When the vehicle moves off again, you will too. It quickly recognises traffic cutting in front and, in conjunction with Lane Trace Assist, follows a more natural line through bends. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control will also prevent you from driving inside a slower vehicle driving in the outside lane.

When a pedestrian, bicycle, motorbike or vehicle in front is very close to or in your path of travel, Emergency Steering Assist on the new RZ 450e will support your steering movements to enhance the car’s stability and prevent accidental lane departure. Compared to normal Emergency Steering Assist, which is driver-triggered, Emergency Steering Assist with active support will operate seamlessly and automatically whenever it is required.

Alongside Lexus Safety System +, the new RZ 450e features an Extended Safety Package as standard. This includes Lane Change Assistance (LCA), which, once activated by the driver, provides automatic lane change steering on the motorway and Front Cross-Traffic Alert, which uses radar monitoring to warn the driver of traffic approaching from either side.



    Inspired by the “Seamless E-motion” design concept, the front clearly positions the RZ 450e as an all-electric vehicle. With no conventional engine, the bonnet has been lowered and the air intakes reduced. The bold Lexus signature spindle shape is applied three dimensionally to the front of the vehicle, resulting in a new, simple form, which captures technological evolution, function and performance. The headlights are unified with the spindle body. Sleek and ultra-slim, they add extra emphasis to the Lexus L-motif of the daytime running lights, while the principal headlight lamps and turn indicators are less prominent. 


                                                                                            The car’s flowing side profile peaks towards the rear creating a powerful silhouette, while the sharp frontal design generates a sense of power and movement. From behind, the rear section affirms the car’s SUV qualities of comfortable space and strong driving capabilities. The long, 2,850 mm wheelbase adds to the impact, expressing the low centre of gravity and excellent balance. The wheels – standard 18” or 20” for higher grades – are placed at the corners of the car.


                                                                                           The RZ 450e’s futuristic character is underlined by its sophisticated high-tech rear look. The split rear roof spoiler extends the design rearwards and contributes to the car’s stable performance. The elongated LED light bar across the width of the car is a hallmark of Lexus design. Here it has a sharp, minimalist look to give the impression of simplicity and precision, underlined by the distinctive new Lexus badge.

The RZ 450e’s cockpit represents a bold evolution of our Tazuna concept, bringing together the driver’s position at the wheel and the precise arrangement of the meters, controls and touchscreen display to create a space where only small hand and eye movements are required to control the vehicle. The principle is inspired by the small adjustments of the reins (“Tazuna”) which a rider uses to control a horse.

Available as an option, the futuristic panoramic roof increases the feeling of space and light in the cabin. Its glass has a coating that reflects infrared radiation and reduces heat on sunny days, while helping keep warmth inside the cabin in cold weather. Doing away with the roller shade saves weight which improves handling and also allows for the widest panoramic roof in any Lexus.



    Perfectly positioned for relaxing interaction while you drive, this 14” High Definition touchscreen is one of the largest available today and allows you to smoothly access information like navigation, audio and climate control. Additionally, vehicle data is projected in colour directly onto the windscreen via a large 10” Head-Up Display, which lets you check navigation, safety features, car information and audio settings without taking your eyes off the road ahead. Its operation is seamless, thanks to touch switches on the steering wheel.


                                                                                       As an RZ 450e owner, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of Lexus Link Standard Connectivity free of charge over the entire lifetime of your car. The Lexus Link Premium Connectivity pack is also free for the first 4 years of ownership, and thereafter on a subscription basis. It includes pioneering features such as:

    • Cloud-based navigation & Voice Assistant
    • Road Events & Real Time Traffic information
    • On- and off-street parking availability
    • Remote Climate: All RZ grades offer remote control of steering wheel heating, seat heating and adjustment of the cabin temperature

                                                                                        The RZ 450e’s new 13-speaker Mark Levinson® Premium Surround system is tailored to the acoustic properties of the cabin. Featuring a 224 mm subwoofer and 1,800 Watts of amplified power, it delivers a 12-channel amplifier sound to create a digital home-theatre experience with Clari-Fi™ that rebuilds sound lost in MP3 digital compression.

With Android Auto® or wireless Apple CarPlay®, the new RZ 450e allows you to easily display and access many of your smartphone’s apps on the 14” touchscreen. A wireless charging tray is available, with 50% quicker charging performance. Convenience for everyone on board is addressed by five USB ports in the cabin, three on the front and two on the rear of the centre console.

The RZ 450e is equipped with our e-Latch technology, a smooth, one-touch electronic door release system. Its operation is linked to the car’s Blind Spot Monitor to provide Safe Exit Assist, which cancels the door opening if vehicles or cyclists are detected approaching from the rear. This innovation is expected to help prevent 95% of door opening accidents.


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